From College Grad to EDGEr – Learning doesn’t stop when you graduate.

By Erica Brown, Metro EDGE Communications Committee Member

You’ve just graduated from college. You’re excited that there’s no more homework to worry about, tests to study for and classes to attend. You take a deep breath and look at your calendar for the month. Maybe you have a job, maybe some interviews, your friend’s birthday is coming up, an out-of-town family event to attend. Or maybe there’s little to nothing at all. You wonder, “what’s next for me?”

Whether you have landed your dream job, you’re still looking or maybe you have big travel plans coming up, it’s so important to get out there, meet new people and continue to learn and gain experience. Why? I like to think that the people you associate yourself with are going to get you to where you want to go in life. You need that positive, encouraging environment to grow your confidence and improve in certain areas that are important to you.

Metro EDGE is a professional organization in Sacramento geared towards pros who are 40-and-under. You can meet a variety of people from all different types of career backgrounds. It’s certainly great for those who are unsure of what they want to do in life or have just moved into the area. I personally joined to meet people who weren’t in my career field (communications) and to develop myself not only as a young professional but a leader too. There’s something for everyone in Metro EDGE and here are my five reasons why you should join and get involved:

  1. Get out of your comfort zone. You are probably used to going to class, maybe hanging out on campus between classes, then heading home to do homework or your job. With your new schedule, why not try something new and connect with like-minded individuals who are looking to succeed not only in their career, but personally too. There are a handful of events every month that you can attend.
  2. Make new connections. What’s wrong with adding some new people to your personal network? People involved in EDGE are fun, positive, energetic, #SacramentoProud and eager to meet others. It’s a welcoming atmosphere where you can share your goals, dreams and aspirations. You never know who you may meet - your next coworker, friend or mentor!
  3. Gain experience. Maybe you didn’t have the time you wanted to do an internship or get a job related to your future career. This is the perfect place to learn and gain experience in the areas you think your lacking in. Metro EDGE has a variety of different committees where you can develop new skills and add to your portfolio and/or resume.
  4. Make an impact. You don’t always need to have money to help someone or a cause; you just need a heart! Metro EDGE provides leadership opportunities for those who are committed to stimulating innovation, providing a platform for meaningful conversation within our region and contributing to our community. If being a philanthropist is more your style, attend a volunteer event (this year’s beneficiary is GRID Alternatives) or sign up to be part of Inspiring Giving.
  5. Cost. A one year membership is a little more than $100 and includes free monthly events, webinars, members-only opportunities, a discount ticket price to the Emerge Summit and a network of the best and coolest professionals in the region. Just like college, your membership is what you make of it! Take it to the #NextLevel by attending events, joining a committee and taking advantage of everything else EDGE has to offer. Invest in yourself!

So as you look back at that calendar, what is next for you? I think joining Metro EDGE may be it!

Erica N. Brown is the Campaign Manager of Student Series at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Greater Sacramento Area Chapter. She is currently a member of the Communications Committee and recently served as the Communications Assistant of the 2018 Emerge Summit Committee. Follow her on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.