Characters on Kay

A Love Note to the City We Love...

Metro EDGE is all about loving your city. So what better way to show our love then to support an walkable art idea, which is a product of our own Emerge Summit? This awesome idea is being championed by two of our young professionals, Phil Tretheway and Megan Blackwell.

What is it?
Characters on Kay is about creating a unique, walkable art experience that promotes a sense of discovery and whimsy, threading through the heart of Sacramento. We envision a series of small sculptures characters with backstories, doing various, quintessentially Sacramento activities. The characters will be installed on lightposts, walls and sidewalks from Old Sacramento, all along the Kay, to the Convention Center. With your help, we will create an experience that draws locals and visitors through the heart of our city.

Arts and culture are key to cultivating a thriving city that attracts and retains young professionals. We want to support and create destinations and unique experiences throughout our downtown. This is a love letter to our City.

We have partnered with the Downtown Sacramento Foundation and Downtown Commons to work together on the Call for Artists. We're still looking for a few more partners! Upon selecting our artist for the project, we would like to gather ideas for the character’s activities and names on social media, at schools and from community groups. The creation process will be collaborative and inclusive.

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