New Member Experience

Answering some of those questions that we know you have on your mind.

When I sign up for EDGE, what do I get?

Access to over 20 events, career advice tailored to early and mid career professionals, and of course, bragging rights as a member of the largest young professional network in the region. For years, our events have connected our members to local business and organization leaders. As a result, members walk away with skills that help them shine during their 9 to 5, and connections to people, organizations, and sectors they didn’t have prior to joining EDGE.

When I show up for my first event, what should I expect? 

There will be signage pointing you to the event, and a registration table will be waiting when you arrive. Metro Chamber Foundation staff will be there to check you in, answer any questions you have, including where the refreshments table is. (Our events mostly happen at happy hour for a reason!) Many EDGE members will likely be present already--we all came to meet new people, so don’t hesitate to walk up to a person or group and introduce yourself!

Okay, but walking up to a stranger is easier said than done. Especially when I’m trying to make a great, professional first impression.

 Couple tips to get you started:

  1. Members of our leadership committee will be present, and waiting to welcome you! The roster can be found here. “Hey! I saw your face on the Internet” is a perfectly acceptable icebreaker. If you don’t want to wait for the next event to say hello, you can email them directly.
  2. Speaking of icebreakers, we’re a professional, career-oriented organization, but your ice breaker doesn’t have to be. It can range from “what’s your favorite part about your job?”to “what’s your favorite thing you did this weekend?” or “who makes the best tacos in Sacramento?”
  3. You’re not committed to talking to the same one or four people for the entire duration of the event. Metro EDGE “in the mix” events are truly designed to expand your network by expanding the number of people you normally interact with. Exchange business cards, taco suggestions, and maybe high fives, and remember that you’re here to meet people!

What’s the attire?

Most of our events happen after the work day, so people come in whatever they wore to work! Since there are many sectors represented at our events, that brings quite a variety of outfits. Some people are in suits. Some people are in jeans and a nice top; most people are somewhere in between.

If Metro EDGE is going to love me no matter what, why does my appearance matter?  

There are more research studies than we’d like to admit that find that appearance is strongly linked to the quality and impact of your first impression on someone. We love celebrating the individuality of our members, but in a fun and professional way. Metro EDGE is for young professionals on the rise--there is a high likelihood that you’ll be interacting with your future colleague, or even boss. Our rule of thumb? Land somewhere in between an outfit for a date (with someone you’re excited to meet) and a job interview, leaning towards the latter.