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Metro EDGE members have access to exclusive networking opportunities and exciting events throughout the year. Designed to foster growth, cooperation and mutually beneficial relationships, these forums for innovative thought and discussion connect you to like-minded YPs and the movers and shakers making a difference in Sacramento today. Here with, a taste of the action! Get your business cards ready.

Monthly Events

EDGEucational Forums: At these interactive roundtables, we host 30 or so members who get a chance to chat with local experts about a specific topic.  These bimonthly lunchtime get-togethers provide a platform for interested young professionals to discuss local hot button topics (Social media! Renewable energy!). Call it the ultimate power lunch—especially since a tasty spread is included in the price.

In the Mix: Oh, mixers—that old standard of the networking oeuvre. Sure, we host some stellar cocktailers at chic and exciting venues each 3rd Tuesday of the month. And EDGErs are kind of awesome to hang with. But we’re also thinking outside the bar by organizing unique opportunities to get members talking, riding, eating and thinking.  In the Mix events occur on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, giving our members plenty of opportunities to expand their network and engage with the region’s top YPs.

Trivia Night: Do you know lots of useless facts? Is trivia storage crowding out more important information you actually need to recall? If so, put it to good use and win prizes!  And if not, come test your luck – and hope you’re placed on a team with a smarty-pants trivia fiend! Join your fellow Metro EDGErs for a fun night of trivia and show everyone how much you know about history, sports, Sacramento-lore and more. Trivia Nights occur quarterly, in place of the monthly mixer.

Hands-On Philanthropic Events: Get your hands dirty—literally—with your fellow EDGErs as we get to work in the community. Plant a tree, harvest some crops for a food bank or clean up a park with local non-profits like Soil Born Farms, Hands on Sacramento, the Sacramento Tree Foundation and more. Hands on? Hands down a great way to get involved.

Project Inspire: Project Inspire is a program of the Sacramento Metro Chamber focused on volunteerism and is supported by the Chamber, Leadership Sacramento, and of course, Metro EDGE. Every month Project Inspire will host a volunteer “Power Hour” at an array of local charities and non-profit organizations. Come out for an hour and give back!

Annual Events

Young Leaders Connect: You’ve heard the “six degrees of separation” theory, right? Pick anyone on the planet, and chances are you already know them through no more than six acquaintances. Nowhere is this truer than here in Sac-town. There are no strangers—just bright, engaging people you haven’t met yet. Of course, meeting them is the best part, and Metro EDGE is putting together a huge event that will bring all those connections together in one epic convergence. Young Leaders Connect is the super group of events. It’s bringing together people like you from throughout the region, all for one mighty night on the town.

Day on the EDGE: Metro EDGE’s Summer Festival, all proceeds support the Metro EDGE designated charity for the year. Come support our yearly beneficiary and join us for a great day and a great cause.

Executive Insight: They’ve slayed the business dragons, climbed the corporate ladder to success and have a long trail of victories in their rear view mirror. Simply stated, they’re at the top of their class.  This annual members-only event brings together the region’s most influential business leaders to share how they got to where they are today, what it takes to be successful, what missteps to avoid along the way and what it means to be a great leader. By learning these secrets to success, we as young professionals can extend their legacy in the region and impact the future of Sacramento business for decades to come.

Regional Action Summit: This event gives our members access to the city’s decision makers and serves as an opportunity for YPs to learn about key issues in the community, as well as find out how they can make a difference.