Get Involved in our Community and Volunteer!

Part of what makes Metro EDGE an impactful organization is our members’ commitment to philanthropic engagement. EDGE will take their “Giving” to a whole new level by partnering with the Metro Chamber Foundation’s Inspire Giving program. Inspire Giving is focused on making a positive and meaningful impact in our community and each year, collectively selects, funds, and volunteers at a local nonprofit that is making a difference in the region.

Metro EDGE will support Inspire Giving through volunteer opportunities with Inspire Giving’s chosen grant recipient and by fundraising for the endowment that directly supports Inspire Giving’s commitment to making a social impact in the Sacramento region.

Community defines our lives, our jobs, our families, our world. Engaging in activities that determine how our community is shaped and stepping up to support fellow Sacramentans is the very soul of EDGE.

Metro EDGE members, committees and activities mobilize young professionals in relevant areas of our community. This may range from engaging young professionals in a constructive dialogue surrounding issues like transportation, sustainable living, education, cultural arts and others to fostering philanthropic activity to support programs that develop future young professionals.


Donate to Inspire Giving and make a bigger impact than you could ever make with one donation. Truly, A Little is Enough if Enough People Do it.

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