Your Vote, Your Voice – The Primary

By Joe Hernandez, Political Action Committee Chair

Time flies. Almost 2 years have passed since our last presidential election, and that means - primaries. Although we aren’t voting for a president this time around, it doesn’t mean this election isn’t important. This year polarized local issues such as housing and our roads are up for a vote. Statewide, we are looking at a new governor for California.

So, what do you need to know? How do you find time to responsibly educate yourself on ballot matters? Well, EDGE has you covered! Here is a quick rundown of all you need to know during the 2018 primary election.

Props for CA

The Los Angeles Times supplies a concise breakdown of the 5 propositions on this year’s ballot in “Your guide to the 5 propositions on California’s primary ballot”.

New and Old Faces

Multiple candidates are running in this election, some familiar and some not-so. Luckily, The Sacramento Bee has put together a thorough and user-friendly voter guide that breaks down the ballot by your registered address here.

Where and How to Vote

You can vote in person on June 5th or currently by mail & drop box. Consider using Sacramento County’s “Voter Center Map” on your mobile device. For more information click here.

California Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, explains this election’s new voting system in a short video here. You’ll also receive a list of all Sacramento County voting locations in the mail along with your ballot. An online copy can be found here.

Now that you are equipped with all the right resources it’s time to get out there and vote!