Win Coffee with a CEO

Written by Megan MacNee

Do you want the opportunity to personally get to know one of the impressive CEO’s speaking at Executive Insight? Here’s your chance to win "Coffee with a CEO." At Executive Insight, Metro EDGE's philanthropy committee will be holding a drawing for an opportunity to meet some of Sacramento's most influential top executives. Not only will you be supporting our 2015 beneficiary Reading Partners, but you’ll also win a copy of a best selling professional development book.

CEO’s participating in the drawing include, Jennifer Stolo, CEO at Make-A-Wish; Gina Lujan, Founder of Hacker Lab; JE Paino, General Manager at Ruhstaller and Bill Blake, Managing Director at B Street Theatre.

To get us in the mood for some professional development, Gina Lujan, founder of Hacker Lab, and JE Paino, General Manager at Ruhstaller provided some personal insights on what helped them get to where they are today.

What is the one piece of advice you would give a young professional in your field?

Lujan: Build true relationships and friendships. Networking is great but can be very superficial. Nothing beats the real thing.

Paino: Be patient

What mistake have you learned the most from in your career?

Lujan: Assumptions. Never make decisions based on assumptions.

Paino: Be patient

In your opinion, is graduate school worth it? Why or why not?

Lujan: Whether you take a traditional or non-traditional route, I believe any form of education is an important factor in your personal career goals.

Paino: Yes, I found that it gave me some important tools. But having a few years of work experience makes grad school more applicable.

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Featured Image provided by Insight Coffee