‘Storm the Boardroom’ with Metro EDGE

By Marycon Razo, Metro EDGE Philanthropy Committee Member

It’s been a great start to the Year of the Young Professional! Our region continues to thrive with the support of its vibrant young professional community. As business leaders, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists, YP’s have made a tremendous impact in their places of employment, classrooms, and communities.

Join Metro EDGE on April 15 at Hot Italian and further explore ideas on how you can continue to make a difference through leadership opportunities with nonprofit organizations in the region. At Storm the Boardroom, hosted by EDGE’s Philanthropy Committee, 10 nonprofits will personally provide you with information on board or committee positions available at their organizations.

Below is sneak peak of a few of the nonprofits that are looking for creative, inspirational young professionals like you.

American River Parkway Foundation

With more than 23 miles of a scenic trail, the American River Parkway is the nation's longest, continuous parkway in a major metropolitan area. For cyclists and runners looking to be more involved in the preservation of an iconic Sacramento landscape, the foundation has opportunities on several committees including their marketing development committee, program committee, and special events committee.

As a committee member at the Foundation, YP’s will have a chance to develop action plans, promote the parkway to the general public, enhance current programs, and plan events such as the Down River Day rafting event.

Sacramento Ballet

Are you passionate about the arts and believe they’re a vital part of the community? The Sacramento Ballet is looking for individuals who strive for excellence, and are willing to use their network and professional skills to help the organization.

As board or committee members, YP’s will have a chance to work with local CPAs, attorneys, and marketing professionals to address the organization’s business issues and cultivate new ideas on fund development.

The United Way (California Capital Region)

Building stronger, healthier, more compassionate communities is part of United Way’s vision. By becoming a board or committee member, individuals will have the opportunity to tackle education, income, and health related issues.

As part of a national organization, experience first-hand the operations of a nonprofit at higher level. What better way to develop your skills and possibly engage in activities that you may not be able to at your current job? Positions are available on the Board of Directors, Marketing Committee, Education Impact Council, Income Impact Council, and health Impact Council.

Enhance your skills, build your professional network, and develop a better understanding of corporate governance at the next In the Mix. Make an impact in the community and Storm the Boardroom.