Staying Connected In Sacramento

Just a titch

If you’ve lived in Sacramento long enough, it’s likely that you’ve heard the call for us to decide as a city what it is that we’re “about.” Tired of being branded a cowtown or anything involving tomatoes, the city has struggled to figure out our mission and purpose.

I wish that I could come up with a trite turn of phrase or cute saying that would sum up the city. Many things come to mind, of course. Sacramento is the city of trees, of rivers and of undeniable beauty. It’s a city full of gastrointestinal delights, a place that capitalizes on its agriculture and features delicious food and wine around every turn.

But when I think about Sacramento, what I love most are the people. While I’ve had the privilege of making connections offline, lately, I’ve been enjoying the blooming online community. While most of the tech-savvy fame goes to our neighboring San Francisco, the Sacramento Twitter and blogging community is a welcoming, yet tightly-knit, force to be reckoned with.

While social media is all the rage for both personal and professional use all over the world, it’s been a delight to see Sacramento come into its own in regards to Twitter, blogging and a community excited about social media in general. From the inception of social media groups, where like-minded people gather and talk tech to the fact that I’ve gotten everything from dinner recommendations to job suggestions to kind words and support from a simple Tweet or request for help, I think it’s safe to say that the online community in Sacramento is booming.

I’ve heard story after story of people getting job leads, recruiting volunteers for their events or making friends via Twitter. The first time I attended a Sacramento Twitter meet-up, I felt like I was in a room full of people I spoke with everyday---because in some cases, I do. I’ve felt so much love and support from people I know only as an avatar, and I’ve witnessed others doing the same. My Google Reader is full of creative, engaging bloggers who share my city, and I’m so proud to call them neighbors

And yet, none of this is really surprising. Sacramento is friendly and warm offline; a place where members of the community don’t have to look far to find acceptance and support. The fact that the people using online means to connect are equally kind and open should not come as a surprise.

To me, Sacramento can stop trying to define itself. Sacramento already has---it’s a city that is built around a supportive community, and if there’s one thing we should embrace, it’s this aspect of connection.

Amy Estes is a social media lover, Sacramento Press staffer and blogger at Just A Titch.