Inside the ESC Story

Inside the ESC Story with Mark Freidman is a different kind of breakout session. Its goal is provide a visceral connection to a great and formative project for Sacramento, from design to construction. The tour will begin at the Experience Center with the story of what it took to get here, told by the bullish developer and owner who has helped make it happen.

The group will then walk into the Entertainment and Sports Center (ESC) site to see the active construction and hear about the challenges and complexities of making the project a reality. The group will have the opportunity to safely stand at the site and be surrounded by the workers and tradesmen that build great projects like the ESC.

Most people attending the Emerge Summit do not have a background in building design or construction. This discussion will focus on relationships and strategies applicable to anyone who is interested in creating something big and formative in their community. This is what the American Institute of Architects does.  We support the present and future architects of our region to make big moves. To know that it doesn’t happen overnight. To #OwnIt.

This session, as a unique addition to the Emerge Summit, is available only to Emerge Summit attendees and only this year. The American Institute of Architects hopes you believe in the power of making big moves just as we do.