5 Ways to Turn Your Career Dreams into Reality

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Execute Your Vision was the final forum in a series of three  forums that Metro EDGE hosted in 2019. Building on May’s theme of Sharpen Your Sword, the third forum focused on how to help young professionals with career development and turning their dreams into reality. More than 25 attendees, including several new EDGE members, gathered around in the gorgeously decorated Mill at Broadway penthouse to hear three panelists from different industries: John Foley with Sacramento Self Help Housing, Mona Bahraini with The Prickly Pear and Rob Archy with Pangia, Urban Roots and Bawk. All three panelists gave valuable career advice. Included below are the five key takeaways from the forum:

Make Mistakes

Everyone hates to make mistakes but entrepreneur John Foley will be the first to tell you that he has made every mistake he could possibly have made as part of his path to execute his vision. That didn’t discourage him! Part of the growth pattern in a career or business is taking risks and trying new things; sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but each mistake ultimately helps you define your next steps.

Delegate Responsibilities

Once you are working on your vision, it’s important to know when help is needed. John Foley expressed the difficulty of handing off some of the pieces of his day-to-day operations, but ultimately, that was crucial in order for him to execute business growth. Don’t be shy to ask for help and delegate if that is necessary for your career development.

Why Not?

If you are passionate about something, why can’t that be a career? Mona Bahraini began The Prickly Pear based on her love for plants, the outdoors and volunteerism supporting adults with disabilities in her community. Her vision to mold all her passions into one created something new for the Sacramento region: a nursery with a purpose. Don’t be afraid to use your passions as a means to ignite your next career steps. If you love what you do, the rest will follow.

Be Your Biggest Fan

Don’t be afraid to celebrate you! You may already have a great support system around you but never forget to cheer for yourself. This is especially important when times are tough, roadblocks pop up or you are unsure of your direction. If you believe in yourself, that will drive you toward executing your goals. In Mona Bahraini’s case, she says her goal is really just to make plants cool and now The Prickly Pear is a huge success.

Understand Value

Rob Archy says there are two ways to look at value.

One: Establish your values and let those be your boss. When you know your values, then you have a purpose behind executing each decision you make.

Two: Understand the value you bring to something by asking yourself if you’re adding value or subtracting? Many look at a situation with the thought of “What will I gain from this?” Instead, evaluate your decision-making based on “What value can I bring to this?” If you approach decisions in this way, you will find clarity in your vision and be more intentional with your career path.

Whether you attended this forum in person or are using this post to find out what you missed, we hope you gained some valuable career advice on how to turn your dreams into reality. For more advice on career development, check out our recaps on the Envision Your Goals and Sharpen Your Sword forums from earlier this year.

This is a guest blog post by Liz Lorand, member of the Metro EDGE Develop and Empower Committees. Liz currently works at the California Restaurant Association as a Director of Regional Development. When she’s not at work, she enjoys hiking, traveling, and dining at her favorite restaurants.