Your Future of Success is Just Ahead


Photo Credit: Derrick Ross, f/2.8 Photography

Envision Your Goals, Achieve Them, and Never Fear Making A Change

Have you started to envision your success in 2019? Last week, EDGErs heard from a diverse panel of speakers at Hacker Lab to think about this question. Metro EDGE’s first forum of the year featured some of Sacramento’s most distinguished business leaders: Tami Hackbarth, Amber Stott, and Eric Ullrich each shared a unique perspective to inspire EDGErs to set goals and create an action plan to cultivate fulfilling lives and careers. Here are the core themes of their messages:

Tami Hackbarth Shares Self-Care Methodology for Your Career
(Life-Coach, 100% Guilt Free Self Care)

How much does your ideal life align with your real life? Determining the areas of your life that are most important to you and the most discrepant will allow you to optimize your time and focus your energy towards self-improvement. Is it possible to feel positive from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep? Or to find the most meaning in your work? The answer is yes! But you must always be willing to listen to your body and indulge in 100% guilt free self-care.

Amber Stott Asks “What Makes You Shine?”
(Food Literacy Center, CEO and Chief Food Genius)

You are the central instrument of your future success, so take the time to understand yourself and develop a personal brand. What are the environments, cultures, and projects that bring out your best strengths? Don’t underestimate the importance of your driving values, and make a conscious effort to live those values everyday. The dream job is a myth. If you understand your strengths and become known for them, the right roles, employers, and projects will naturally gravitate to you.

Eric Ullrich Encourages Entrepreneurship and Finding Your Community Vision
(Hacker Lab, COO and Growth Strategy Director)

To maximize your achievement, position yourself around collaborative networks who are committed to solving the problems that matter to you. Be a sponge and open yourself up strategically to new ideas and perspectives to tackle existing gaps in our community. What problem can you fix? Never dream too big, bend don’t break, and always volunteer to expand your reach. Through these efforts, you will create substantial value for not only yourself, but for your city and all those that make up its community.

Whether you attended this forum in person or you’re using this post to find out what you missed, we hope you gained some helpful advice on how you can envision your career success! Be sure to check out the exercises and additional resources provided by the panelists:

This is a guest blog post by Andrew Shannon, member of the Communications Committee. Andrew is a Bay Area native and currently serves as a Premier Banking Associate at River City Bank. Outside of his career and studies, he is an avid photographer, writer, hiker, Bay Area sports fan, and concert-goer.