10 Reasons for Employers to Send You to EMERGE Summit

The EMERGE Summit on March 21 at the California Musical Theatre will be bring together the region's best and brightest young professionals to share ideas, learn professional skills and inspire civic participation.

You're an employer? Great, read on and send your young professionals to EMERGE. You won't regret it.

You're a young professional who wants to go but need a little help picking up the tab? Copy the list below and use any or all of the reasons to your advantage with your manager.

10 Reasons to Send Your Employees to EMERGE

  1. Networking –The saying goes “it’s who you know,” and the top young professionals from across the region will attend EMERGE. People you want your employees to know.
  2. Recognition – EMERGE is the state’s first summit created for and by young professionals.  Making sure your company is well-represented shows support for Sacramento’s future.
  3. Professional Development – Give your employees the tools they need to be their best. EMERGE will feature nine professional development workshops centered around living, working, and playing in our region.
  4. Opportunity – Now is the time to help Sacramento become a world-class city. Give your employees the opportunity to play a part in the future success of our region.
  5. Leadership – EMERGE will empower attendees to become more active members in the community, and within your company.
  6. Experience – An all-star motivational line-up of fascinating thinkers and doers who will present on their personal experiences, innovative ideas, and journeys to success. Some of the ideas are bound to rub off.
  7. Inspiration – Event workshops and speakers will provide your employees with actionable steps they can take to engage and stay involved. Employees should bring that motivation right back to your office.
  8. Collaboration - Your employees will be a part of an event focused on collaborating to create THE destination for young professionals to live, work and play.
  9. Cost - The average professional development conference is going to set your company back a few hundred dollars, plus travel and lodging costs. EMERGE will provide an in-depth, local experience for your employees and only cost you a week’s worth of take out lunch (or $65 dollars).
  10. Love – Keynote speaker Peter Kageyama, author of “For the Love of Cities,” believes a few involved citizens can drastically change the cultural and economic landscape of a place. Give your employees a perk, help them love their city, and your company.

Tickets are available at http://emergesummit2014.com/