Study Mission – A Great Way to Engage, Develop, Give, and Be Empowered

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Indianapolis – the home of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis 500, and Brickyard 400. Periodically the host to events like the Super Bowl and the Men’s and Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournaments. The second largest capital by population in the United States. And maybe most importantly (at least for Sacramento anyway), the site of the 2019 Study Mission program.

Every year, the Sacramento Metro Chamber sends a delegation of about 100 people to a city to learn what happens there, apply the lessons learned to Sacramento, and ultimately make our community a better place to work, live, and play. And this year, the theme of the trip was Operation: Indy! The 100 people on the trip consisted of business leaders, elected officials, community powerhouses, and – luckily for us EDGErs– young professionals! On the trip, we did the following:

  • Took a “fast lap” (120 mph!) in a car on the speedway
  • Toured the Convention Center, one of the largest centers in the country
  • Snuck onto the field at Lucas Oil Stadium and did mock throw touchdowns
  • Explored the Indiana State Museum and the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, the largest children’s museum in the world
  • Walked and biked the Cultural Trail: a connection point, a conversation, an attraction, an economic stimulus, and a public art gallery all in one

And at each of these stops, we heard from regional and national leaders living in Indy about what they were doing to make Indianapolis the best Indianapolis it could be.

But besides seeing the sights and sounds of Indy (or another city on a different year), why should young professionals go on Study Mission? We’ve got you covered:

The Network

Just take a look at some of the organizations that were represented on this year’s Study Mission: Kaiser. SMUD. Sutter. The Cities of Sacramento and surrounding (Roseville, Folsom, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, and West Sacramento). Visit Sacramento. SAFE Credit Union. Sac State. Downey Brand. DOCO. SACOG. Dignity Health. Valley Vision. Five Star Bank. Teichert. UC Davis. And of course, the Sacramento Metro Chamber. And that’s not even the full list! If you want to meet some of the region’s most influential leaders and change-makers, Study Mission is the place for you.

The Power of Relationships

But wait – some of you may be thinking, “Why do I have to go all the way to a different city to meet these people. They live in Sacramento!” True, but there’s something special that happens when you travel to a different location and learn with a large group of people. And with Study Mission, everyone on the trip is united by a few key principals: the interest in travel, the desire to learn, and the focus on making Sacramento as good as it can be. These mutual points of interest are incredibly valuable for building relationships and (in my opinion) are much more conducive to getting to know someone, compared to just saying “hi and bye” to that person at a one-day event.

Through my work at the Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera, I’m incredibly fortunate that I get to meet a ton of interesting people with long histories in Sacramento. And through this work, I’ve learned that the most important thing you have are your relationships. Personal, professional, familial, etc. – they’re everything. Or put in another way, it’s all about people. Attending Study Mission, where you’re having deep and impactful conversations over the course of the 4 days with regional leaders focused on improving our neck of the woods, is invaluable, and can set the stage for amazing things to happen to you in Sacramento for your life and career.

The Collaboration

One of the most remarkable things about Indianapolis was that everyone was so willing to work together and have a shared goal and vision of what Indy could be. City and county officials, representatives from the Indianapolis Chamber, nonprofit leaders – everyone – had the same set of priorities, goals, and a vision of how to get Indy “there.” It was amazing to see, and the collaborative aspect really impacted the Sacramento delegation. Everyone left the trip more enthused and excited at the prospect of working together with everyone else to improve our community.

The Follow-Up

So, Study Mission is over. Is the learning and relationship building done? Not a chance! Because of the trip and the incredibly strong bonding experience it is, all the attendees want to keep the conversation going. Everyone is still down to meet, hop on the phone, grab a cup of coffee, and further the conversations that were discussed – all so that the learning can continue, and so that everyone can keep making Sacramento a better place.

Leading EDGE

And finally – for young professionals, there is an amazing way to receive a scholarship to help pay for part of the trip: Leading EDGE! By submitting a relatively easy application, you can put yourself in the running for funds that will let you go on Study Mission to learn, network, build relationships, and collaborate with some of the most impressive people in Sacramento. Free money – what’s not to like?

Study Mission was truly one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had during my time in Sacramento. If you’re a young professional asking yourself if you want to go, the answer should be, simply put, “Yes.”

This is a guest blog post by Giuliano Kornberg. Giuliano is the Chief Development Officer of the Sacramento Philharmonic & Opera where he helps lead all fundraising efforts of the organization. Outside of work, he is a proud member of Metro EDGE, serving as the interim co-chair of the Empower Committee. He is passionate about young professional development in the region, loved going to Indianapolis as part of this year’s Study Mission, and would highly recommend the program for any young professional interested in attending.