The Importance of Giving Back

By: Tonja Candelaria, Public Relations Coordinator, Sacramento Zoo

Growing up, my parents taught me that it was important to give back. The wonderful thing about giving back is that actions, both big and small, can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

My family was always willing to help those in need. Often, we spent our weekends volunteering at community events, helping the elderly with yard work, and delivering Christmas baskets to families in low-income communities.

The values I’ve learned from my parents significantly impact my work today. As the public relations coordinator for the Sacramento Zoo, a local non-profit, I'm always reminded of the benefits of giving back. I have coworkers and volunteers who constantly go above and beyond in order to help provide this great educational and recreational resource to the Sacramento region.

The Zoo is lucky enough to have volunteers who help do everything from cleaning exhibits to teaching children and adults alike about the importance of animals and conservation.  Also, the Zoo could not continue to operate as it does without monetary donations, both big and small, from the community.

Donating money or time is beneficial to all parties involved. It can help you develop and grow as a person, gain a new perspective and know that your efforts make a difference!

The Big Day of Giving, a national online donation campaign carried out on a local level, takes place tomorrow (May 6) and is a wonderful opportunity for young professionals to show their commitment to the region.

As part of a local effort, communities are encouraged to donate to local charities over a 24-hour period. Metro EDGE is asking members to donate $25.25 to a cause close to their heart. Why $25.25? Larger donations are of course welcome, but this magic number will help us measure the philanthropic impact that young professionals have in the Sacramento region.

Working for a local nonprofit and being part of Metro EDGE has helped me see the importance of dedicated community engagement. After the Big Day of Giving, not only will charities in Sacramento have gained, but we can also show America how much we care about shaping the future of the city through those charities.

Donate to a local nonprofit at during The Big day of Giving and be sure to let EDGE know on Twitter using the hashtag #YearofYP and #BigDoG.