How EDGErs Give in Preparation for #BDOG2018

The Metro Chamber Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Sacramento Metro Chamber and supports Metro EDGE, Inspire Giving, Leadership Sacramento, and Thousand Strong.

Inspire Giving is an endowment fund that seeks to support and grow the spirit of giving in the Capital Region. Individuals combine their donation with others to create a bigger impact than any one individual could make alone. Each year, all individuals who have invested in Inspire Giving collaboratively select, via a voting process, how the endowment’s income will be distributed to a charitable organization within the Sacramento region. In addition to a monetary investment, donors are provided opportunities to volunteer their time and resources to the chosen project each year.

In 8 years, Inspire Giving has donated $85,000 in grants to 8 nonprofits, leveraging over $1,000,000 in volunteer and in-kind services.

The motto of Inspire Giving is that "A little is enough, if enough people do it."

You might be wondering why we need YOU to give during Big Day of Giving. Our philanthropy, Inspire Giving, will use all of the money raised during #BDOG2018 to give back to the local Sacramento community, further enhancing our region's philanthropic growth. Read on to learn more about Inspire Giving and why our members engage with this awesome program.

Starting in 2017, Metro EDGE has supported Inspire Giving and has raised over $11,000. We asked some of our EDGErs why they donate to Inspire Giving and what it means to them.

Why do you donate to IG?

  • Taylor Toledo: By donating to IG monthly, I feel more connected to my community and its growth. Being involved with Metro EDGE and the chamber, I get a front row seat to what's on the horizon of Sacramento, and Inspire Giving is an important part of that.
  • Alan Hernandez: I donate to Inspire Giving to play an active role in creating positive and meaningful impact within my community.
  • Joe Hernandez: By contributing to Inspire Giving, I am becoming part of a large donor pool that combines individual’s dollars to create real change for selected non-profits throughout the Sacramento region. Inspire Giving offers a variety of volunteer opportunities in the community and within the organization. EDGErs are sure to find the right fit for their personal philanthropic needs and schedules. #GiveBack

Have you volunteered for an IG recipient before? Why? What was your experience? Would you volunteer again?

  • Brian Kearns: Yes, I volunteered to assist with landscaping the Lilliput Families home in Citrus Heights. I made the decision to volunteer after researching the home to better understand its mission and instantly felt obligated to contribute in any way that I could. My experience mostly involved digging holes, removing plants, and planting new trees/bushes. It was definitely more challenging than I expected, but well worth the effort. It's amazing how much different it looks now. The exterior is much more welcoming to everyone. I would certainly volunteer again. We made such a difference in just a few hours of work.
  • Taylor: I haven't, yet. But I think it’s so important to get your hands dirty, especially when it comes to working side by side with people who are bettering the place you call home.
  • Alan: I volunteered last year with Inspire Giving when the grant recipient was Lilliput Families. I chose to volunteer because I wanted to become more involved in the Sacramento community as I had recently moved from Sonoma County. I had an amazing experience volunteering with Inspire Giving, playing a part in shaping the new image of Lilliput Families and had the opportunity to volunteer alongside amazing individuals (some of whom became close friends). I would volunteer again in an instant!

How have you become more engaged since you donated/volunteered?

  • Taylor: Since I began donating to Inspire Giving, I've become more engaged in celebrating philanthropy with other YP's. The model of giving is changing and modernizing, and young professionals are leading the charge in making sure that beneficiaries like Lilliput Families are engaged with and cared for.
  • Alan: After having experienced the impact that Inspire Giving had on its 2017 grant recipient, I wanted to play a more integral part in the Inspire Giving organization. I expressed an interest and was able to join the Inspire Giving Project and Advisory Committees. By joining the committees, I hope to provide my unique insight and skill set in the planning and coordination phases to benefit future projects. Finally, I will continue to participate in the volunteer events that directly impact grant recipients and foster new relationships.

What would you say to other EDGErs to get them involved in IG?

  • Brian: Just sign up for a volunteer event! You generally have to commit just a few hours of your free time, but it's well worth it.
  • Taylor: Don't walk-- Run! Inspire Giving is an exciting way to get involved with the Sacramento community and see the difference its beneficiaries are making in the region.
  • Alan: What’s awesome about Inspire Giving is that it provides its volunteers with the opportunity to step away from their everyday lives by giving back to their community.

It's time to get engaged, YP's! Schedule your donation today (and don’t forget to add $0.18 to your donation so we can track our members' impact!):

Stay tuned for more information on the 2018 project and opportunities to volunteer!

Special thanks to our EDGErs who contributed to the blog: Alan Hernandez, Brian Kearns, Joe Hernandez, and Taylor Toledo.