Did you notice our rebrand?

Have you noticed Metro EDGE looks a bit different? We’ve rebranded and can’t wait to share with you what this new look means for the organization. Who better than to introduce our new brand to you then our 2019 Chair, Anne Descalzo.

2019 is a big year for Metro EDGE as we celebrate our 10th year in the Sacramento region. To commemorate this milestone, it was only fitting to create a new brand that represents the successful history of this organization and the future potential. However, I would be remiss, if I did not also recognize EDGE’s early supporters, and the leadership of the volunteers and members over the past decade. Thank you to all of those that have had a hand in creating the organization we are today.

So what does the new brand mean to members like you? It means that EDGE is enhancing its programming to better serve you and our community. Our goal is to support you in feeling more connected to others on your professional journey, while exuding the energy and passion YPs bring to this region. It means EDGE will continue to provide signature events such as Storm the Board Room (3/19), Executive Insight (4/16), Immersion Day (6/18) and Emerge (9/19) in 2019. Additionally, some programming has been refined such as our now quarterly In The Mixes to allow for more intentional networking.

We want you to feel like you can count on Metro EDGE to provide you with information on professional development, regional news and civic engagement opportunities. Think of EDGE as self-care for your career.

We partnered with Position Interactive to develop a new look for Metro EDGE as we approach our 10th year milestone. The new logo is designed to reflect our vibrant and sophisticated community of young professionals. We believe in balance and equality, reflected in the symmetry of the logo mark. There are ques of our original logo in the design to pay respect to our original passion and vision that has stayed consistent and sustained us over time. Our hope is that the new brand also conveys a comfortable place to engage with others, feel like you belong and where you can give back to your community, whether it be through your time, talent or resources. Let us empower you to further your own skills and leadership through access, skill building and information.

We hope you’ll stick around and #MakeYourMark in 2019 and beyond. Cheers to 10 more great years of Metro EDGE!

By Anne Descalzo, Metro EDGE 2019 Chair.