Bots n’ Shots Charity “Fun”draiser Re-cap

Have you ever been to a party where jello shots were served by roaming robots? We have! And it wasn't while dreaming we were in an episode of the Jetsons! (Although Rosie could probably make a mean jello shot!)

We are proud to report that MetroEdge was a sponsor of Bots 'n Shots on Friday, September 30. The party aimed to raise community awareness about the Discovery Museum Science and Space Center (which will soon become the Powerhouse Science Center). When completed, the Powerhouse Science Center will be a hands-on museum that will immerse children in all things science with demonstrations, games, and exhibits. Construction of the center will soon break ground along the river between Discovery Park and Old Sacramento, taking advantage of prime Sacramento real estate.

At Bots n' Shots partygoers embraced thier inner geek with rocket launches, cockroach races and beer pong. Who says science isn't fun?! Organizers made sure this event was truly a "fun-raiser" complete with an open bar and live music. 

More than 300 people enjoyed the party, including Mayor and Mrs. Johnson, and helped raise more funds for such a valuable addition to the Greater Sacramento region.

Thanks to all the MetroEdgers who came out in support of such a great cause (and had a fabulous time doing it)! Were any of you at the Bots n' Shots party? What was your favorite part?