5 Unique Ways to Give this Holiday Season

If you hadn’t noticed, it’s officially the holiday season. The lights are strewn in East Sac, our favorite watering holes are beginning to serve festive cocktails, and calendars are being filled with parties, galas, and gift-swaps. Between client deadlines and preparing for time off, the holiday season can be a daunting and stressful period for many YP’s. However, it’s important to remember the ‘reason for the season’: gratitude. And with the saddening reminder that there are still those that won’t be celebrating with their families as they once did, it’s up to us as young professionals to do our best to make their spirits bright.

In the spirit of gratitude and giving, here are some of the more unique ways to give this season:

Donate your time to young parents and families by wrapping gifts, babysitting little ones, running errands, or washing dishes. Oftentimes we forget that one of the most precious resources we all have is time, and this time of year can be particularly stressful for single parents, young families, and those without the resources that most of us have. So take a day or two during December to lend a hand to a family in need by helping with household chores or taking care of a grocery run, or two.

Think of the environment when you’re purchasing decorations, helping a friend wrap gifts, or trekking from holiday party to holiday party. Lower your carbon footprint by opting for recycled gift wrap and paper, consider carpooling to that holiday party, and reuse and recycle your decorations or food storage for the next festivity.

Implement simple gestures more frequently, like paying for the person’s latte behind you, leaving a hearty tip to a busy waiter, or baking an extra batch of cookies or a casserole for the neighbor down the street. Oftentimes we’re so consumed by our busy schedules and stresses that we forget those around us could use a friendly reminder that the world around them isn’t so bad.

Stock up on basics like socks, toothbrushes, and hygienic products and donate them to your local church, shelter, or nonprofit. The holidays are a good reminder that we may think we need something, but there are people all around us that need things we take for granted, like everyday essentials. Take it a step further and think of gifts beyond the essentials, like a beautiful new toy for a deserving kid to open on Christmas morning.

Give resources that you already have like time, spare cash, or even something more vital: blood. One of the most crucial resources we often forget we have access to is healthy blood. Due to unforeseen tragedies and chronic illnesses, many local individuals and families are in poor health or circumstances. The solution? Visit our partner Vitalant to give blood now through December 11. Once you give blood, bring your confirmation or receipt to the Metro EDGE holiday mixer and you will receive a free drink.

So next time you’re browsing Amazon or stressing yourself out about what to bring to your family’s potluck, remember the amount of gifts and resources you already have access to, and consider helping a friend, stranger, or community in need.

This is a guest blog post by Taylor Toledo. Taylor is an Account Manager with 3fold Communications, specializing in higher education and healthcare marketing. She is also a proud dog mom and a not-quite-as-proud Netflix addict.