Time to JFDI Sacramento

By Christine Calvin, Metro EDGE Leadership Council & Comstock’s Magazine

If you missed the Metro Chamber’s study mission to Philadelphia, you missed an opportunity to engage with Sacramento’s best and brightest leaders, explore a new city and identify best practices for growing our region. But don’t be discouraged. You can start planning now for next year’s trip, which will be announced on Jan. 31 at the Metro Chamber’s Annual Dinner.

In the meantime, EDGE’s own Erika Bjork, outgoing chair of the Regional Action Committee and all-around stellar Sacramentan, has penned her post-study mission thoughts in the November issue of Comstock’s magazine. You can read her opinion column here and better understand why it’s so crucial for young professionals and groups like Metro EDGE to partake in community conversations and civic engagement.

Beyond that — and this is really the crux of Erika’s point — we can’t just show up to EDGE mixers and an occasional committee meeting. The onus is on us to transform Sacramento, to carry her into a new era of prosperity, growth, revitalization and focus. We do that by stepping up — scooping up board seats, running for office, voting and taking positions of leadership in community-minded programs and projects like the upcoming Sacramento Region Brand-a-Thon.

In essence, we have to JFDI. And if you’re still scratching your head about the acronym, read Erika’s column.