Revitalizing Downtown

Downtown Sacramento

On December 16, 2010, EDGEr’s gathered with a panel of local experts to discuss the progress and setbacks of revitalizing the downtown region. Experts included prominent local developer David Taylor, R.E. Graswich, Special Assistant to the Mayor, and Leslie Fritzsche, Downtown Development Manager for the City of Sacramento.

The discussion focused on the completed & in-progress development efforts of K Street. Randy Paragary was in attendance and expressed his excitement about the new entertainment complex (District 30, Pizza Rock, and Dive Bar) opening on K Street this winter.

The group also discussed the development of the Railyards and Sacramento’s Arena initiative. David Taylor provided perspective regarding the magnitude of funding it takes for projects like these to come to fruition and the importance of public funds. R.E. Graswich provided insight regarding the position from the Mayor’s office, commenting that any proposal for a sports entertainment complex will need a groundswell of public support and enthusiasm.

For those of you who missed it, here is a summary of some of the exciting downtown revitalization projects currently in progress:

  • The Metropolitan at 1001 J street - a 39 story mixed use tower - $250 million
  • Entertainment complex on K street (District 30, Pizza Rock, and Dive Bar) - $11 million total cost
  • New greyhound bus station – relocating to the river district in 2012
  • Other projects including an upscale urban hotel and the development of a condo community on L street.

For more info on development projects in Sacramento, visit the City of Sacramento's Economic Development website.