PORTAL: Waking Up to New Ideas – #EDGE916


Photo Credit: Andre Elliot

What’s the next big thing for the Sacramento region?

In preparation of celebrating our 6th birthday at the EDGE916 Block Party on Sept. 16th on R Street in between 17th and 18th Street at 5:30pm, we are looking for enthusiastic EDGERs who have great ideas about what’s next for Sacramento. Snap a picture in the morning by PORTAL on the way to work and share what you think would make Sacramento even better! But don’t stop there! Look for other potential growth sites in the region and post your idea. Maybe, take a picture of the vacant lot or building that could really use some new development.

What is it?

“PORTAL: Waking Up to New Ideas” is a campaign to engage members and spread the word about the potential Sacramento has in the future through the innovative ideas of YPs like us!

Any EDGEr can participate by posting a picture to Instagram using the revived hashtag #EDGE916, allowing Metro EDGE to spread the word on our own social media!

Why participate?

You’ll be entered into a giveaway at the EDGE916 Block Party! Simply post your picture to Instagram and purchase your ticket in advance to be entered into our drawing!

It’s your time to shine, EDGErs! Show us what makes your city the best city and what you think can make it even better in the future! #OwnIt