Sacramento is being called the Next Great American City.  And the locals are catching on that young professionals – yeah, us “millennials” - are the future of this town (exactly what we’ve been saying for awhile). And let’s be honest, they should really call us change leaders.

Here's the kind of changemakers we're talking about:


Here’s the deal. We know there are young professionals in Sacramento doing some pretty cool stuff. And we love it. But we also know there are a lot more ideas out there that are going to change this town. Pitch for Change is your chance to tell the world – or at least a ton of SacTown folks – all about your idea and how it’s going to change our city (and maybe even the world). Metro EDGE is going to provide you the platform; all you have to do is pitch your idea. If you do, we’re going to give you the tools and the resources to make your idea into a reality.

So, what’s your idea? How are you going to #bethechange? What do you need to make it happen? Change leaders – start your engines. Let’s go over the details.

Phase One
Submit an awesome write-up about your awesome idea and how it’s going to change the Sacramento region. Keep it under 500 words. Additionally, please include a bio and a headshot, any photos or videos that have already been developed, plus any websites, links to content, or social media pages/tags associated with your project.

Phase Two
The Emerge Planning Committee will select 3 semifinalists. Then we’re going to produce professional videos pitching each idea. Lucky you - you get to work with KJ2 Productions on these (you'll get a copy for continued use)! You have 2 minutes. Even better? Semifinalists will have the opportunity to work with a coach from Social Venture Partners of Sacramento on how to perfect their pitch. Finally, each semifinalist will get a booth at the Emerge After Party - holla!

Phase Three
Each video will be shown at the 2016 Emerge Summit morning session. On stage. In front of 600+ people. Emerge attendees will vote live for their favorite idea. The winner will be announced at the afternoon session and then be given 5 minutes to share the full details of their idea and exactly what they need to bring it to life. Ask for help. Those people in the audience? The other change leaders? They’re gonna wanna get involved. That’s your ticket.

Phase Four
You won! Now what? First off, you’ll be given premier booth space at the Emerge Summit After Party to chat up your idea one-on-one with everyone. Then, plan to set up a meeting with Tina Reynolds from Uptown Studio. She’s going to be your mentor for the next 3-6 months to help get your idea off the ground. And to sweeten the deal, she’ll also provide marketing and design services and assistance based on the needs of your idea! Awesomesauce.

Q & A with Tina Reynolds

One last thing. We have a theme for this year’s Emerge Summit and we’d like your pitch to fit into one of the following categories (even if it doesn’t, just do your best to make it fit):

  • Connect – We’re talking the techies, the gamers, the programmers. You know who you are.
  • Collaborate – No one gets anywhere without a little help. Especially non-profits. If that’s your thing, stick it here.
  • Create – Does your idea for change has an artsy fartsy feel to it? Then this is where you wanna be.

Last year, we #ownedit. This year, we’re stepping up to #bethechange. Make the choice. Take a chance. Be the change.Please submit your Pitch for Change through the form below by February 21, 2016.Questions? Contact metroedge@metrochamber.org.


  • Feb 8 – Feb 21: Open Entry Period
  • Feb 21 - Feb 23: Internal voting
  • Feb 23 - March 10 - Film & Edit Videos
  • Feb 29 - March 17 - Semifinalists publicly announced
  • March 18: Top 3 pitch videos released at Emerge Summit (2 minutes each), live voting takes place on the EDGE app, winner gets 5 minutes live on stage and a booth at the after party.


  • Do I have to be a Metro EDGE member to participate?
    No, but we might try to recruit you!
  • Do I have to live in the Sacramento Region (think Sac, Roseville, Folsom, etc) to participate?
    Yes, please. Pitch for change is about making in impact in our region, so please keep it local.

Pitch for Change

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