F.A.M.E. – Michael Weagraff

Have you met your 2018 Leadership Council yet? Faces of Metro EDGE (FAME, for short) is the perfect way to do it! Here we introduce you to your leaders for the year and give you a glimpse of their professional life and personalities. Reach out and say hi!

Where do you currently work, how long have you been there, what do you do?

I currently work as the Development & Strategic Initiatives Analyst for the College of Business Administration at Sacramento State. I develop partnerships in the community with the goal of creating a better educational experience for our students. I have been with the College of Business Administration for two years. Before that, I worked in the Office of University Development at Sacramento State for three and a half years, developing partnerships with corporations and foundations.


What is your educational background?

My undergraduate degree is in Dance Management (an arts management degree with a focus in dance) from Oklahoma City University. In 2015, I earned a MA in Educational Leadership from Sacramento State.

What is the best part of your job?

Witnessing the positive impact on our students from the relationships that I helped develop.

What do you love about living in Sacramento?

I love that I am living in Sacramento at a time when the city is changing and going through a rebranding.

What is one thing that might surprise people about you? 

I once had ambitions to move to Chicago and start my own tap dancing company.

When you aren't in the office, where can we find you?

Usually at home reading a good book or walking around Midtown

What advice can you offer a young professional looking for a similar job/career path as you?

My advice would be don’t be afraid to ask for an informational meeting; you might be surprised on where it gets you. Also, don’t be afraid to join a nonprofit board or a committee; the people you will meet will further guide you in your career.

How has Metro EDGE enhanced your resume?

The leadership capabilities I have developed as an active member has been very beneficial to my career. I have had opportunities develop because who I have met through Metro EDGE and I have been able to leverage those to benefit Sacramento State and the College of Business Administration.