Metro EDGE’s Develop Committee

 (We develop cool S#%T)

A two-minute read from our Develop Chair, Josh Albert

In 2018, I was searching for more professional growth – I wanted something new, and different from stale networking groups (so. many. business. cards.), but something that would pay long term dividends. I was looking for an EDGE...

If you’re searching for an opportunity to flex your creative muscles, looking for professional development content, and wanting to build relationships along the way, Metro EDGE’s Develop Committee is calling your name. 

The Develop Committee is responsible for choosing the content Metro EDGE creates. 

Through this committee, I have:

  • Made connections with powerful Sacramento decision makers.
  • Curated content I was most interested in.
  • Co-created the first Metro EDGE podcast, The EDGE of Greatness


Through events like Executive Insight, and our other forums, I have introduced myself to business owners, executives, game changers, and big timers as a member of Metro EDGE. The people I’ve met (future clients, business partners, collaborators, and friends) weren’t just taking my calls, they were actually excited to hear from me. These are some of my biggest advocates today and the people I will lean on tomorrow for what I do next.


In addition to making lasting connections, I was hungry for professional development. I wanted to influence the content I was consuming. As it turns out, the things I was struggling with were the same as other young professionals across the region. Being a part of the Develop Committee, I work collaboratively with my committee to curate content that is most important to us, and it resonates with others – a win, win.


Metro EDGE encourages fresh ideas. The Edge of Greatness podcast was created to shake things up. It is not only helpful professionally, but we have way too much fun. We reach out to the most influential leaders in Sacramento and invite them to share their stories of success, failure, and lessons learned along the way. We talk about all things. From how Pushkin’s was created, to how TEAMride is navigating the pandemic.

Interested? We’re looking for ambitious and creative risk takers. There’s a seat at Metro EDGE’s Develop Committee table with your name on it. For more information, reach out to me at See you at our next meeting! Every second Tuesday of the month at 5pm. 

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