A Letter from your 2024 Metro EDGE Program Chair, Joaquin Razo

Over the last few years, life has definitely thrown curveballs our way. There hasn’t been a “normal” for quite some time and we really wouldn’t even know what “normal” would be anymore. However, one thing we do know is that Metro EDGE has always strived to be ahead of the curve and support our region's young professionals in new and innovative ways. This year, we celebrate 15 years of EDGE. 15 years of holding space for YPs to have a voice, to challenge the system, to learn from one another, to grow in our careers and help build a region we are proud to call home. I’m honored to be your 2024 Program Chair and celebrate EDGE with you.

As our Leadership Council (LC) navigated the planning for 2024, we realized we needed to hit the reset button; Go back to the basics of what makes EDGE a strong organization and recognize how resilient we are as YPs. This thought process led us to our theme, “It’s Time”—a theme that we hope you use as an opportunity to challenge yourself, whatever that may mean to you. It’s time to reignite our membership and remind you there is an amazing group of individuals for you to connect with right at your fingertips. It’s time to allow ourselves to grow and learn. It’s time to get involved and find where you can share your gifts and talents. It’s time to continue creating a space where everyone feels welcome and safe. It’s time to celebrate 15 years of EDGE and show our region why we have lasted this long and get ready for what’s to come.

At the 2024 EDGE LC planning retreat, I asked all our LC members to tell us what “it’s time” for them, for EDGE. I want to share their responses with you: 

#It’sTime to create, to engage, to collaborate

#It’sTime to show up

#It’sTime to turn the page and evolve.

#It’sTime to rebuild our brand

#It’sTime to change

#It’sTime to challenge, to speak, to think, to create, to act, to expand minds/conversations

#It’sTime to be brave

#It’sTime to grow

#It’sTime to climb

#It’sTime to rebuild and recharge

#It’sTime to revamp EDGE for future YPs

2024 LC

When I first heard everyone sharing their perspectives I was excited to see our LC as a strong group of individuals. I then took a step back and was inspired by their desire to lead EDGE by sharing their gifts and talents so we can build a stronger membership and organization. But what really blew me away was their ability to see the superpowers in the person sitting next to them and lift one another up to say we can do this. We can build a stronger Metro EDGE, it’s time to build a stronger EDGE while celebrating and honoring everyone who helped get us here.

I do hope you take this year to remind yourself why you joined EDGE. Invest in yourself, network more, give yourself the opportunity to learn, take a moment to breathe, connect with your people. It’s time…

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Joaquin Razo

Metro EDGE Program Chair, 2024