Make Today Count

By Emilie Cameron, 2014 Chair, Metro EDGE
Sr. Public Relations Manager, 3fold Communications

It’s election day and today you have the opportunity to do one of the most important things you can do all year – vote!

But, you say you’re juggling a lot this year and just don’t have the time? Nonsense!Emilie Votes

But you still say, “Turn out for what?” I know political rhetoric can be intimidating but here’s a tip: it’s only that way when you let it be. What’s the best way to make sure candidates and campaigns start paying attention to you, what you want to know, and what matters to you? You got it. Vote!

One vote can truly make a difference. This is your chance to turn out for matters most to you. AND make sure it’s important to the people who make decisions on your behalf. Historically, the turnout of young professional voters is low, lending to the stereotype that young people don't care. It’s time to change that perception, because we know we do!

The millennial generation is the largest and most diverse in our country's history yet, because we fail to vote, we are incredibly underrepresented. Think about this. We have the potential to be the LARGEST voting demographic in our country but most of us aren’t voting. In 2012, an estimated 30 million young people didn’t vote – and that number is expected to grow in this election cycle. That’s insane! We have the power to shift policy, make reforms and lead our communities to fulfill the vision we want for it but we’re leaving it all on the table.

Voting changes communities. The decisions made on Election Day will help to shape the future of our region – the very place we live, work and play. That’s why I’m turning out to vote today. No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, let’s show the rest of the country that Capital Region young professionals are bucking the trend. We’re not just telling our community we care; we’re doing something about it by turning out to vote.

Tell your friends, co-workers, and family to vote too! Share your voting experiences, photos and more with us using #TurnOutForWhat and #YearofYP.

See you at the polls!

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