Learn, Connect at Capital Region Women’s Conference

By Kaitlyn MacGregor, HealthCorps and EDGE Philanthropy Co-chair

Like many young professionals I have learned the value of relationships, be they family, friends or colleagues. One of the most important lessons learned about all of these relationships is that they must not only be cultivated, but also cared for. I won’t go into a “friends are like flowers” analogy; you get what I’m saying. But honestly who hasn’t had that big deadline that turns you into a work hermit, or the long lost cousins that come into town and commandeer a week or more.

The challenge for most of us is not letting them throw off our juggling act, a skill I have not yet entirely acquired, which was why the Capital Region Women’s Conference fell into my life at an ideal time.

Knowing I have a couple of decades ahead of me in the workforce, the opportunity to learn from people who have “been there, done that” from across the U.S. is a valuable experience. Not only do the speakers, panelists and many of the attendees have amazing experiences under their belts, but they also offer an opportunity to bridge generations of technology and tradition to teach balance between the old and the new. The fact that they are addressing topics that I have found to be personal challenges such as time, energy, growth, community and balance only sweetens the pot.

The conference will be the chance for me to be able to add some new skills to my Pink Tool Box of Talents which I’m sure I will need this fall when work picks up to warp speed and I find myself needing more time and energy to keep my work, relationships and health flourishing. In addition to connecting us with skills, the conference is an ideal opportunity to line up some new fall friends and connections.  It is early in many of our careers and relationships can help move us forward in many ways, from connecting us with a new job opportunity to introducing us to our future significant other.

Events like the Capital Region Women’s Conference offer a unique opportunity to learn and connect, one I hope you will take advantage of!

Capital Region Women’s Conference
Friday, Sept. 27
9 a.m. to 6 p.m. – Registration will open at 8 a.m.
Metro EDGE special rate option: CRWCYP (select the CRWC YP ticket for $25 on the ticket page)

Make sure to catch a sneak peek of the conference on YouTube: