Highlights from Executive Insight

Metro EDGE members are still buzzing about the 2011 Executive Insight Event at the Hyatt Regency Sacramento. Phrases like "best EDGE event ever!" and "Inspirational!" are even being thrown around. To be honest, we couldn't agree more! The amazing group of executives shared their valuable time and profound insight with sincerity and lots of good humor. ("Why am I holding my mic like a rapper!") We wanted to share a few of our highlights, the warm & fuzzy, the candid, and of course the EDGEy. With all the great insight flying around, we missed a few, so please comment with your insight highlights from the night!

James Beckwith, Five Star Bank
"Flush the toilet on failures." (In other words, don't dwell on our failures. Let them go. Flush them and move on.)

Steve Childs, SacTown Magazine
“If you dip your toe in the water, you almost always start swimming, so don’t waste your time procrastinating and just go for it.”

Chris Delfino, Downey Brand Attorneys
"Sacramento is an amazing place. When I am asked what Sacramento needs, I say Sacramento just needs some swagger."
"Be willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work."

Mike Heller, Heller Pacific Inc.
You [MetroEDGE] are the crew that’s going to lead Sacramento to raise the bar.”

Becky Johnson, Siemens
"Form genuine friendships." (In regards to networking.)
"Learn to say no. Establish boundaries."

Donna Lucas, Lucas Public Affairs
"Do things that challenge you."
"Give yourself some pause." (Discussing the importance of a work/life balance.)

Mark Otero, KlickNation
"How you spend [your time] defines who you are."

Randy Paragary, Paragary Restaurant Group
“Truly find something you love, and stick with it. Simple as that."

Randy Satar, Teichert Land Company
"This is not a dress rehearsal...Jump in and start doing it."

Michele Wong, Synergex
"Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you."

Photos and Video will be up soon…

What was you favorite quote or takeaway from the evening?