Here’s to a great 2010!

We’re so excited for what 2010 has to offer you! The Leadership Council is actively working to incorporate your feedback from the past year into our upcoming programs. Here are some teasers: Open Committee Meetings (so YOU can have a voice as we expand and grown Metro EDGE’s efforts), incorporating activities into our networking events (like a Regional Transit “Green Crawl” through Sacramento), and opportunities for you to become EDGEucated on current issues affecting the region and frankly, our lives (i.e. hearing from both pro and con camps in the Strong Mayor Initiative). This year will also bring a renewed energy to EDGE! Our event calendars are being drafted early to give you more prep time; we’re hosting a membership drive to continue the growth of the EDGE database; we’re giving you a fancy new website; and we’ve planned a number of volunteer ops so you can help give back to the region we love.

Engage, Develop, Give and Empower- It’s who we are and what we do.

Thanks EDGErs for helping us make Sacramento an even better place for the next generation of leaders to thrive!

Autumn Heacox
Metro Edge, Chair