Healing Light Rail Phobia

I've lived in Sacramento for over 7 years, often sharing the same road with the Light Rail Transit system. Yet, I've never set foot on it. When I visit other Metropolitan areas, I regularly depend on their public transport systems to get me around town. So why not here in Sacramento?

It could be that like most people, my vehicle has become a comfort blanket. I'm addicted to the independence of arrive-when-I-want/leave-when-I-want, although I am certain the stress of daily traffic may be taking 5 years off my life span. It is also possible that I am trapped in the familiarity of my daily routine and just don't think of other options. I think its a little of both, plus I'll admit, I'm just a little bit afraid. A very smart man once said, "We fear what we do not understand." So when the opportunity came to ride the light rail this Saturday during the Green Crawl (and get free wine tasting as a reward), I decided to take the opportunity to learn a little bit about Sacramento's Regional Transit.

Here's what I found:
Its been in operation since March 12, 1987. It has a 37.5 mile line with plans of expansion to Consumnes River College. It carries 55,000 passengers on a typical weekday! Wow - it can't be that scary if so many are riding it each day! The train runs seven days a week, has 48 stations and offers discounts to college students. I read several good reviews on the cleanliness of the train cars and the noticeable presence of security. Definitely helps reduce any remaining hesitations.

The bottom line: we have a reliable, clean, and safe form of public transportation here in Sacramento. There are a lot of people continuing to work on its expansion, convenience, and overall improvement, so let's show our support!  Try breaking out of that daily routine and take the light rail to work. Or use it to connect you to galleries, bars, and restaurants on Second Saturdays. Or join us tomorrow, September 24th, for the Metro EDGE Green Crawl - and confront your fears with friends - as we ride the light rail to Revolution Winery for a fun afternoon of wine tasting