Graduate Degrees Give Young Professionals an EDGE

Amy Tran Russell
Assistant Director of Admissions
UC Davis Graduate School of Management
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I started attending Metro EDGE events last year after I kept hearing about them through my job in UC Davis MBA Admissions. I love how EDGE events draw such large groups of motivated young professionals who are looking to make an impact in their careers and the larger world. EDGE not only matches well with our UC Davis MBA applicant demographic, it also represents who I am. After attending my first Young Leaders Connect membership drive, I was hooked.

I’m fortunate in that I love my job and the program I represent. The professors are phenomenal. The community of students is welcoming and ambitious. If you think about the kinds of leaders who push their companies forward while helping those around them develop exponentially, UC Davis MBAs either are those people or aspire to be them.

After two years of watching our students accelerate their careers, build long-lasting friendships, and, oddly, have fun in class, I decided to apply and join them this past fall.

I’m really glad I did. In addition to long-term career benefits, the coursework is taking my work to the next level. The core classes are exposing me to all the different functional areas of business so I can make better big picture decisions. This winter’s core marketing class taught me to better understand our customers—who they are, what they want and strategies to best reach them.

So this year when Metro EDGE's Young Leaders Connect rolled around, it was natural for us sponsor a booth. We brought a contingent of six students and staff to the event, and we all had a great time meeting everyone there. For two of the students, this was their first EDGE event. Both of them joined our ranks and signed up for membership on the spot, with a great discount for being students.

I look forward to meeting you at a future event. Additionally, there is still plenty of time to apply to the UC Davis MBA program for fall 2013. Don’t hesitate call or email if you’d like to connect. You can reach me at (530) 752-7658 or It’s all about the network, right?