From Downtown to Land Park, Sacramento is home

Girls on the Grid

There are so many things to love about Sacramento – friendly people, plethora of outdoor dining options, farmers markets to name a few. We may not be Los Angeles or San Francisco, but that’s just fine with us. Sacramento is filled with bright and ambitious people who are loyal and and dedicated to improving the city. It truly is a diamond in the rough – a city where initiative and passion can reap serious rewards for young professionals.

But one thing we especially treasure at Girls on the Grid is the multitude of charming neighborhoods – each complete with their own coffee shops, boutiques, restaurants and personalities. There are few places in California where you can rent a beautiful (and often historic) Victorian or craftsman bungalow apartment on a tree-lined street with a yard that’s walkable/bikeable to most of the city’s attractions…for less than $1000/month.

Whether you live downtown or in Curtis Park – if you’re lucky and put in a minimal amount of effort – where you live actually become part of your identity. Here are just a few of the places that we proudly call home…

Midtown (Amelia Neufeld): As a native Sacramentan, I remember the original “Midtown.”  It was a few blocks on J Street north of 25th with some thrift shops, dive bars and Harlow’s. Now, those of us living in Midtown have pretty much everything we could need at our fingertips in a cool, friendly and distinctly Sacramento neighborhood.  In fact, I am going to go on record to say that my neighborhood (north of 15th) has the most restaurants, clubs, bars, shops, salons per capita than any other neighborhood in Sacramento. I love living in Midtown because it means I can spend my weekends (and weekdays!) running in McKinley Park, getting my car washed at Harv’s, shopping at funky boutiques such as Sugar Shack and Cuff’s, getting my hair and nails done at Canvas and Melody Salon, getting coffee at Java City or Peet’s, watching football at MVP’s, drinking wine at 58 Degrees and L Wine Bar, brunching at Café Bernardo and Capitol Garage, dancing at the Park and Mix, dining at new restaurants Kupros, Press or Red Lotus or going back to my all-time favorites Mulvaney’s, Celestin’s or Kru. It makes me proud to think how far we’ve come as a city and a neighborhood.  I love the community midtown has created and the people whose passion and love for Sacramento are driving its creation every day.  God bless those original Midtown pioneers and everyone who is coming after them!

Downtown (Laura Braden): I live on the “border” of Downtown and Midtown in a loft above Ella’s. I chose my neighborhood largely so that I could continue to live car-free. The word commute is no longer part of my vocabulary: I live 3 blocks from work, one block from the Capitol (my dog’s personal dog park) and within 10 blocks of just about everything I could ever need. Some of my favorite spots include YSJ Vintage, Byuti (ask for Tania – she’s the best) Salon, the Grange, Ella’s, the Salad Shop, Temple Coffee, Bangkok 12, Tantric Bistro, and Cosmo Cafe. And let’s not forget about Amtrak, the public library, Crest Theatre and two farmer’s markets! Yes, it can be a bit gritty and dodgy at times, but I’m really optimistic that we’re finally going to develop K Street and the rail yards, which I believe will further improve the aesthetics and safety of the neighborhood.

East Sacramento (Caroline Silveira): When I first moved to the Sacramento area in 1996, I moved into East Sac.  I just recently returned to East Sac after years in other Sac neighborhoods, and it felt like I had come home.  The vibe in East Sac is the perfect mix to me - mature tree lined streets; old, individually styled homes with families, students, and young and old alike; sprinkled with schools, hospitals, community churches; and unique local businesses.  This is the way communities were meant to be!  East Sacramento welcomes you into its western border by the famous McKinley Park - my personal favorite!  You can jog around the park's track, which is approximately one mile around, hit the tennis courts, drop in on various group exercise classes going on outdoors, visit the beautiful and comprehensive rose garden, and much more!  East Sac continues to attract some of the best local eateries, and has maintained some of the coolest old pubs and bars.  Among my favorite eateries are OneSpeed (great pizzas, fun atmosphere, and they deliver on bicycle), Fromoli's (charming lil bistro with the best burger in town, no joke), Opa Opa (delicious and authentic Greek food in a modern walk-up order setting) and Selland's Market (weekly dinner specials for two that include entrees and a bottle of wine, gorgeously tasty food and pastries, and well-edited wine selection).  As for cool pubs and bars that have stood the test of time there is SoCal's (dark, worn-in tavern with pool tables and shuffleboard) and Bonn Lair (quaint traditional style pub, great beer selection, cool booths, in one of the coolest little mini-neighborhoods of East Sac).  For a glass of wine, again Selland's or the original 33rd Street Bistro (actually on 33rd Street!, which has a great little patio on Folsom Blvd.).  There is so much more good stuff to East Sac, I'm reminded I need to branch out and try even more it has to offer!  Head out for the Holiday Home Tour of East Sac the first weekend of December and try some local businesses if you want to check out the neighborhood vibe.

Land Park (Becky Warren): People who live in Land Park become total loyalists – and for good reason. The neighborhood has charm with the older 1920's, 1930's, 1940's homes that are known to have unique little touches inside. We have a home away from home at Taylor's Market where Dick the wine guy knows everything about every bottle on the shelf, and the butcher shop is filled with experts who will help you with any question you may have. Taylor's Kitchen is a great neighborhood restaurant where everyone knows your name. And who could go wrong with Marie's Donuts, Freeport Bakery and Dad's Kitchen – a great place to watch a game and have high quality comfort food. In addition to these great eateries that all Land Parkians frequent, it’s a great place to run, have fun with the family or even brush up on your golf game. In addition, Tower Theatre and Café and the Sacramento Zoo are a quick walk or bike ride away. In addition, there's also a few hot spots in the evening like the Riverside Clubhouse (which also has great Monday Night Football specials). All in all - people who move to Land Park very rarely are tempted to move anywhere else in the City.

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