Five YPs Share All Things EDGE

There are so many ways to get involved with Metro EDGE that it can be hard to know where to start. Enter five EDGE members who are sharing their experiences with everything from joining the leadership council to making connections. Read through each experience to see what resonates with you, and then take action and get involved.

Joining the Leadership Council with Amanda Sebastiani

Joining the leadership council has impacted both my professional growth as well as my personal growth. By joining, I opened a door and stepped into a leadership role that I had been searching for so long in my career and professional life. A path that married both personal civic advocacy and personal career passions together to utilize skills in my creative career for the greater good in my community, my hometown of Sacramento.

Joining a Committee with Anna Fontus

As a committee member, I work to identify engagement opportunities for young professionals to advance their skill sets by interacting with their local community. Such activities span from developing meeting/event agendas to planning/participating in volunteer events, as well as creating inroads for the young professional community to have representation in a number of local and regional conversations.

When selecting a committee, I evaluated the entity that resonated the most with my interests, and also was a manageable time commitment. I appreciate that each year, the committee’s focus has been different, and I think it’s a testament to how adaptable and responsive EDGE is to the evolution of our Capitol region and the needs of our resident YPs!!

Making Connections with Christine Mahon

Making connections within EDGE is all about getting what you put in. When I first joined EDGE I was looking to expand my network in Sacramento and meet new people, and our monthly In the Mix events were the perfect location. As I grew in my career I wanted to engage in the region a bit deeper and learn how YPs were leaving a mark. I joined the Regional Action Committee (now the Community Engagement Committee) and not only learned about projects and initiatives in the region that affected YPs, but also how I could engage. My involvement in the committee also put me in leadership roles outside of the office to plan forums and events, which ultimately led me to continue my EDGE leadership as 2018 program chair.

Networking at Mixers with Ravindar Singh

As a young professional in Sacramento, networking and attending mixer’s is key to my success within the community. Attending events with thirty or more people can be scary at times; however, I put my best foot forward and a smile on my face. Additionally, asking other attendees their names and interest is a great way to, “break the ice.” Considering myself an EDGER is single handedly the most important aspect in my professional growth.

Metro EDGE has exposed me to many growth opportunities. For example, helping organize forums, participating in committees, and attending meetings to name a few. My advice to comrades new to the program and networking is just be yourself. I believe embracing who you are, and openly communicating YOU and your BRAND can carry you many places.

In closing, I would like to share a story about my personal and professional progress. I started my journey at WellSpace Health in 2014 as a temporary employee. Once I had my foot in the door and educated myself on all of the services WellSpace Health had to offer, I fell in LOVE. As my passion grew for the organization and the community, I grew alongside it. My passion for helping and educating appeared and my employer enrolled me in Metro EDGE. After learning and growing with the organization, I was able to create my own title and role within the organization (from a temporary employee to Community Engagement Coordinator). I now oversee community outreach, public relations and marketing for the organization.

I would like to close with a quote by John Wooden, “Make each day your masterpiece.”

Getting involved in EDGE and the Community with Heather Williams

When I moved to Sacramento, I quickly fell in love with the city and wanted to find a way to get more connected to the community. I wasn’t sure the best way to do that, then a little over five years ago, I joined Metro EDGE. Shortly after I joined the Regional Action Committee (now the Community Engagement Committee). Since then I’ve met so many people who care about Sacramento and our community as much as I do and have found numerous ways to get involved. Sacramento is my home and through my involvement, I feel more connected to my community than ever before.