Fall In Love Blog Series – Christine Braziel

By Christine Braziel
Metro EDGE Regional Action Committee 2015 Co-Chair
Project Manager, Crocker & Crocker

Christine-Braziel-2116071 220About two years ago I broke up with Sacramento. I’d fallen in love with another city — Portland. I had a place to live, jobprospects, and friends ready to welcome me with open arms. I was done living in the city I grew up in. I envied Portlanders for their access to great civic amenities, young and vibrant culture, access to rivers and trails, and efficient public transportation (hello, light rail to the airport!).

But on the flight home from my last trip to Portland, I sat next to a couple that opened my eyes and changed my heart. They made me fall back in love with Sacramento.

They were on their way to visit their daughter, who was about two years older than me. I asked them what drew her to the area when it seemed like young professionals from across the country were flocking to Portland.

“Sacramento’s just got everything,” they answered.

That stuck with me. And as we were coming closer to Sac International I saw this city in a new light. I saw that what I was looking for in Portland was here the entire time.

We have access to amazing civic amenities and it seems like everyday a new and exciting project is popping up. Between the downtown Entertainment and Sports Complex, West Sacramento’s growing riverfront area, bicycle-friendly upgrades and innovative infill projects – Sacramento’s got a lot to be proud of.

The vibrant culture is here, too. From Second Saturday to Sac Republic games, to live music, to farmers markets everywhere you turn. There is always something to do in this town. And it’s only getting better.

Our bike trails, river access, bustling riverfront, and gorgeous outdoor areas are top notch. I grew up along the American River Parkway and still love going out for a run with friends, riding out to Gold River to visit my parents or grabbing brunch at Rio City Café. Living at the confluence of two rivers has as much to do with our city’s past as it does our future.

And while we may not have light rail to the airport like Portland does, that’s okay. This is my home, where my family roots run deep, where I’m proud to live, work, and play. All it took was one plane ride for me to fall right back in love with Sacramento.