F.A.M.E. – Phil Tretheway

Faces of Metro EDGE (FAME, for short) is a quick interview where we introduce you to fellow EDGErs and give you a glimpse of their professional life and personalities. For this month’s FAME, we interviewed Phil Tretheway, one of the original members of Metro EDGE, in honor of EDGE’s 10-year anniversary. Phil has made numerous contributions to the development of the program over the last 10 years, such as helping launch the inaugural Emerge Summit, helping with Metro EDGE and Emerge Summit design needs (including designing the EDGE logos), and leading Characters on Kay. Phil has also held many leadership titles over the years, such as the Communications committee chair and co-chair, the Emerge Summit committee chair and co-chair, and the 2017 YP of the Year. Reach out and say hi!

F.A.M.E. - Phil TrethewayWhere do you currently work, how long have you been there, and what do you do?

I am the Vice President and Creative Director at Position Interactive. Position Interactive is a full service creative agency focusing on crafting digital and print marketing solutions. I have been with Position Interactive for over 6 years.

Prior to that?

I was with Marketing by Design for over 8 years, where I learned most everything I know from the amazing Della Gilleran. I then spent a short stint as Director of Marketing and Communications at the Metro Chamber before joining Ali Zamanian at Position Interactive.

What is your educational background?

I studied at California State University, Chico where I earned a BA in Communications & Graphic Design, paired with a Minor in Marketing.

What is the best part of your job?

I have the privilege of leading a fantastic team of designers at Position Interactive and collaborating with many of Sacramento’s inspiring creatives on diverse projects. No day is the same, whether it’s a website overhaul for Raley’s, an executive presentation for Visit California or rebranding an Association.

What do you love about living in Sacramento?

I am a third generation Sacramentan. As a teenager I wasn’t that impressed, but when I returned after college in 2002 the city was definitely different and on the upswing. I love that Sacramento is big enough to make a good living, but also small enough that you feel you can make an impact.

What is one thing that might surprise people about you?

I hate planning events, but somehow keep starting organizations that primarily throw events.

When you aren't in the office, where can we find you?

Hosting or planning a Creativity+ event. Creativity+ is a volunteer organization I co-founded, dedicated to championing and inspiring creativity in Sacramento. If not, I’ll be working in my yard, cooking with my kids or exploring Desolation Wilderness with a fly rod.

What advice can you offer a young professional looking for a similar job/career path as you?

Dedication and hard work is expected. Strategic thinking and people skills can help you get ahead. Be kind to each person you meet.

How has Metro EDGE enhanced your resume?

When I started with EDGE I worked at a small business that did not have many management and leadership opportunities. Volunteering with EDGE committees helped me build valuable skill sets outside my day job. EDGE also gave me countless opportunities to build my network with meaningful relationships. Stepping up to lead major initiatives like the Emerge Summit is a lot of hard word, but also helps distinguish you as a leader and allows you to make some amazing friends.

If you could go back to where you were in your career 10 years ago, would you do anything differently, and if so, what would you change?

Nope. I grew a lot through my involvement with EDGE. I’m glad I pushed myself and took risks by taking on a few big roles. They were tough, but rewarding and irreplaceable experiences.

What made you want to help start Metro EDGE 10 years ago?

I was looking for a place to get involved and build a network. When I came to the Chamber, they shared this new, un-named, group they were incubating. Metro EDGE was a great opportunity to build a community for YPs from scratch. The great thing is that even new volunteers now have an incredible amount of freedom to keep building and evolving EDGE as they see fit.

As one of the original members of Metro EDGE, what is your hope for the future success of the program?

I hope that the leadership of EDGE does not maintain what we built, rather they keep pushing and make it better, make it their own. EDGE has done a good job of reflecting gender diversity. I hope it fulfills its potential as a leadership pipeline that fully reflects the diversity of our region. Sacramento has West Coast’s most vibrant young professional community and I’m excited to see us own that. #OwnIt

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