Educate yourself on the Strong Mayor issue

It has many names, Consensus Plan, Charter Reform, Accountability Plan and most commonly/generically Strong Mayor Initiative. Whichever you choose, the Charter Review is a hotly contested issue in Sacramento  right now. This has to potential change the future of Sacramento, our town, our future. It's up to you to decide if this change is good or bad.

Want to weigh in on the proposed Charter Review to the Sacramento City Council directly? This is your chance! This Tuesday, June 22 at 6pm  at 915 I Street, the Sacramento City Council will vote whether or not the Mayor's version of the proposed city charter amendments should be on the ballot in November.  If you love, hate or want to hear more about the issue, attend the City council meeting on the 22nd to engage, educate and empower yourself.  You have the right to share your opinion on an issues that directly affect life as you know it in Sacramento.  Other Metro EDGE members will be in attendance weighing in on their personal feelings on the subject, and so should you!  You do not have to be an EDGEr to attend, so bring your friends and family!

We have attached the current proposal from the Mayor for you to read and educate yourself. We encourage you to get involved and join the discussion.

Read the proposal here: Accountability-Plan-2010