EDGE Insight was a great success!

Metro-EDGE held its first EDGE Insight event on May 27, 2010. The event focused on “Green Companies;” meaning the sustainability practices of local businesses and how they are collectively helping to make Sacramento a cleaner, greener place.

The premier event featured talks from Lionakis, SMUD and Stonebridge Properties. Attendees learned what these companies are doing to integrate sustainable practices into their businesses and into the region. Attendees also enjoyed an evening of mixing and mingling and munching on scrumptious appetizers generously provided by Griselda's Catering.

Kicking off the event was Carla Dhillon, Sustainability Specialist from Lionakis who showed a short video that walked through the vision for the Heller Pacific building at 2600 Capitol, where the event was held. Following the video, she discussed Lionakis’ sustainability strategies and provided more details about the building at 2600 Capitol – the first LEED Gold Certified private sector office building in Midtown.

Our second speaker, Rachel Huang, Senior Project Manager at SMUD, shared details about SMUD’s sustainability offerings and new initiatives ranging from its Home Performance Program to bringing our region into the Smart Grid future. She also talked about understanding energy use and how Smart Meters will make smart consumers.

And last, but definitely not least, Josh Leachman, Project Manager with Stonebridge Properties, explained how the company is using imagination and ingenuity to develop a new type of neighborhood – one that embraces the environment, integrates urban farms and strengthens the connection with nature, agriculture and human wellness.
In addition to our fabulous speakers, Drexel University supported the event as a Founding Sponsor. Drexel University and the Reznick Group were event sponsors and provided information to attendees via booths at the event.

EDGE Insight events are bi-annual, high-profile educational events focused on cutting edge topics relevant to local young professionals interested in shaping the Sacramento region and making it a national destination. The next EDGE Insight event will focus on Entrepreneurs and will be held in the fall. You won’t want to miss this event! Details coming soon to www.metro-edge.org.