EDGE 916 – EDGE Leaders Look Back – Ryan Porter

By Ryan Porter
Metro EDGE 2013 Chair and Project Manager, Market One Builders

ryan porter

Ryan Porter, 2013 Metro EDGE Program Chair, speaks at Executive Insight 2013.

In 2009 the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce convened a few "think tank" meetings to discuss young professionals becoming more involved in our region's business and civic communities. I was one of the individuals lucky enough to be invited. I remember looking around the room and seeing some of Sacramento’s best and brightest and thinking to myself “what are Sean O’Brien (2012 Metro EDGE Chair) and I doing here?” More than five years later I am still asking myself the same question.

Watching Metro-EDGE grow from its grass roots inception to its current standing as Sacramento’s premier young professional organization has been rewarding beyond measure. I would be remiss however if I didn’t mention how challenging and draining it has also been. I’ve learned more about managing relationships and honing leadership skills through my roles at EDGE than I ever have during my ol’ 9-5 (Or as YP’s are used to, the new 7-6).

Serving as the 2013 program chair exposed me to some of my greatest successes but also my biggest lessons learned. We paved the way for the first annual Young Professionals Summit, aka EMERGE. It was a labor of love wrought with time delays, but patience paid off and EMERGE was a huge success that looks to become a staple event for Sacramento’s YPs. Kudos to Emilie Cameron, Erica Taylor, Phil Threthway and others for delivering such an awe inspiring event.

My time as program chair also taught me that no matter how successful (or in my case how mediocre) I was, I would be inconsequential without a group of talented and diverse leaders around me. Sure, I’m biased, but I truly feel I was surrounded by the best leadership council in EDGE’s 5 year history.

When the typical member thinks about EDGE, they might think of the Young Leaders Connect event at the Park which brought in over 600 YP’s. They may also think of the EDGEucational forums which have exposed our members to such topics as “brand building”, “living a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget” or use of social media. Or they could recall the volunteer hours which helped clean up local parks and work with the Sacramento Childrens’ Home.

ryan porter check

The 2013 Metro EDGE Leadership Council presents a check to the Sacramento Children's Home.

When I think of EDGE, I think of more than that. I think of the people coming together in this region to not only hold events and gatherings, but to to better themselves and their community. Everyone involved in Metro-EDGE values learning, professional development and using their talents and time to give back. They want to ensure the best version of themselves and their city develops and shines brightly for all to see. I’m just glad I’ve been a part of it all and couldn’t picture the last five years without Metro-EDGE.

Here’s to EDGE's continued success! Cheers and I'll see you tonight at EDGE 916!

Ryan Porter

2013 Program Chair