“Do Cool Things” By Donating Your Expertise

By Marycon Razo
Communications, Emerge Summit and Philanthropy committee member

stb snipYou’ve been empowered by the writing on our community based mural, encouraged by the video campaign, and motivated by prominent young professional leaders to get out there and #OwnIt! In the words of Clay Nutting at this year’s Emerge Summit, “Do cool things!”

Often deemed as the lazy, unengaged generation, millennials are continuing to debunk this common misconception. According to the 2014 Millennial Impact Report, millennials are the newest generation with an action-based philosophy that is reshaping the meaning of charitable giving. The study found that millennials engage with causes to help other people, not institutions; are influenced by the decisions and behaviors of their peers; and treat their money and assets as having equal value.

From leading the Farm-to-Fork movement to cultivating the local music scene, YPs are doing so many “cool things” that are making the Sacramento region thrive.

In an effort to continue to mobilize emerging leaders, EDGE will host “Storm the Boardroom,” an event dedicated to placing YPs in leadership positions on local nonprofit boards, on Tuesday, April 14 from 5:30 – 8 p.m. at the Sterling Hotel in downtown Sacramento.

Designed as an interactive, casual meet-and-greet, representatives from nonprofit boards will be present to provide young professionals with information on available board and committee opportunities.

Last year’s event filled Hot Italian, and four YP’s were successfully placed on local non-profit boards which include: WEAVE, United Way, Sacramento Ballet, and Wellspring Women’s Center.

Besides enjoying the “delicious pizza,” Harmony Kessler last year thought Storm the Boardroom was a great opportunity to find an organization whose mission strongly aligned with her passion and would allow her to engage with the Sacramento community.

“From my personal experience, serving on a nonprofit board will truly develop your leadership skills, and provide you with exposure to the operations of an organization at a higher-level," Kessler said.

As a board member, Kessler has helped the Wellspring Women’s Center provide basic services for women and children in need and helped Wellspring distribute more than 50,000 diapers to low income Sacramento families in 2014.

This year’s Storm the Boardroom will have representatives from the following organizations: California Fire Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Reading Partners, Sacramento Children’s Home, Sacramento Children’s Museum, Sacramento SPCA, Sacramento Tree Foundation, Sacramento YMCA, Snowline Hospice, and Society for the Blind, and San Juan Education Foundation.

Enhance your skills, build your professional network, and develop a better understanding of corporate governance. Make an impact in the community and Storm the Boardroom with Metro EDGE.

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