Deja Vu? :: EDGE Chair’s Response to Forbes

We get the feeling like we've been here before. In case you haven't heard, Sacramento has, yet again, been named one of America's Most Miserable Cities by Forbes. Below, 2012 Chair Sean O'Brien gives the writer his feedback.  

Hey there Kurt –

I've felt truly miserable a few times in my life. Once I ate some bad mussels for dinner. (the funny thing is – I was in San Francisco I swear)  Around 2 a.m. I awoke and had horrible food poisoning. I was sick for two days and it was miserable.  Once I was in a horrible car accident, they thought I had internal bleeding and things didn't look good. My mother was crying at my bed side and there was nothing I could do. That was miserable.

It’s hard to argue against the fact that the above are two pretty solid examples of misery. I survived both and am looking pretty good. I believe Sacramento will enjoy the same fate.

I work in finance and I’m a numbers guy (my poor writing didn't give it away?) so I get that you looked at crime, unemployment & property taxes, put them into a spreadsheet and determined your misery index. I understand that Sacramento is not without its problems but I've got to tell you that we are not a miserable city. Not even close. We worked hard during the boom, built Sacramento up and we now are facing challenges like everyone else in this world.

I admit the 2002 Western Conference Finals brought a few tears to my eyes (I’m a sensitive guy) but my beloved Kings have never made me feel miserable. You say we might not miss them? That’s crazy. I'd like direct you to the March 2011 SBNationarticle by Tom Ziller. To quote Ziller, “The Kings have sold out all 41 home games in 17 of their 26 seasons in the Sacramento. Think about that: The gym was packed in every game for an entire season 17 out of the 26 years the team has been in town. (All of this comes despite a .438 winning percentage since the Kings moved to Sacramento.)”

Sacramento is a town where people are taking action to foster positive change! I urge you to look at Metro EDGE, the Sacramento Metro Chamber, SARTA, SACTO, Valley Vision, and others! The list could go on and on. There are talented and engaged people in Sacramento who are working on making our future the best it can be. It will be a bright future and I know Slamson, Evans and Mayor KJ will agree.

Let’s stop looking through this, “miserable,” lens and look at the long term.  Pessimists are correct at any given point in history but never the long term. You’re a New Yorker and maybe you don’t understand the strength of a Californian. You might think it’s all sunshine, beaches, and ski slopes for us best coasters. I’m almost positive you've never been to Sacramento so let me tell you that we’re a pretty resilient bunch out here. I believe what you, and many others, call “miserable” is a walk in the park for a Sacramentan!

When you’re ready to call and apologize I will consider taking your call. But don’t call me this Thursday night – I’ll be with more than 100 Kings-loving young professionals who make up Metro EDGE – cheering for our Sacramento Kings!

Sean O’Brien (Gotta love my initials)
2012 Chair of Metro EDGE