The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating a Personal Brand

In the today’s fast-paced world, young professionals often find it challenging to navigate the waters of excelling in the workplace while still building a personal brand for themselves. Unless you’re an Instagram star or a Snapchat guru, self-promotion can be a tough maze to navigate. Here’s some quick do’s and don’ts when it comes to building a name for yourself.

Do – Connect with Professional Groups

Whether you’re a public relations specialist or an engineering prodigy, find a group that aligns with your personal interests and where you can put your talents to good use while building a network within your industry.

Don’t – Over Commit

Joining professional groups or charities is a perfect way to promote yourself, but don’t be the person who tries to do too much by joining every crowd under the sun. Instead, concentrate on being very activate in just one or two groups where you can make an impact – and be noticed more within certain circles.

Do – Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Don’t’ be shy to showcase your professional achievements – at work and otherwise. Find connections that make sense for the line of work you’re in and let the industry know you’re strengths. Remember: less is often best when it comes to your professional resume.

Don’t – Go Crazy on Social Media 

No matter how private you think your social media life is, rest assured it isn’t. A good rule of thumb when it comes to anything you put out in the world wide web: what would Grandma think if she saw it?

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This is a guest blog post by Patrick Harbison, owner of Patrick Harbison Public Relations, a full-service public relations firm in Sacramento. Patrick is a three-time Hermes award winner, has been voted “Best of Sacramento” in various categories by both the Sacramento News and Review and the KCRA A-List and was selected as one of the Sacramento Business Journal’s top “40 Under 40” professionals in 2014. In 2015, the Sacramento Public Relations Association named him the Public Relations Professional of the Year and in 2016 Patrick was named Influencer of the Year by the Public Relations Society of America. In 2017, Comstock’s Magazine named him one of its Emerging Leaders and Access Sacramento awarded him its "Power of the Voice" award. Patrick lives in midtown with his dog Guinness.