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Deep-rooted anti-blackness has oppressed the black voice and community for 400 years. We’ve compiled a list of resources, accounts, media to help you establish and grow an understanding of the issues that continue to plague our society and destroy black lives, and also celebrate black culture. #EDGE4ALL

Our goal is to create the foundation for our members and the Sacramento region in an ongoing, active focus on inclusion and belonging. One way to ensure the “ongoing” is to incorporate diverse perspectives into your daily life and idea intake. Most of the education we received as children and most of the media we consume as adults was developed for a white audience which intentionally and harmfully erased events and perspectives that molded the African-American/Black experience today. We’ve compiled a list of content and accounts we enjoy following that begin to scratch the surface of what’s been buried, and celebrate African-American/Black culture and history.


Millennial Financial Experts

Design Sponge top 60




New York Times and their Newsletter

African American Museum of History and Culture


Fortune’s RaceAhead Newsletter: https://fortune.com/tag/raceahead/




They’ve Gotta Have Us

When They See Us

She Did That

Not Netflix but EPIC: Watchmen on HBO

Articles, videos, misc.:

TED Talk: How to Deconstruct Racism One Headline at a Time (15 minute watch)

Dear Ally, It's not about you

NYT Almost Famous: I was poised to be the first black astronaut, I never made it to space

Black/Latinx Film Diversity

Black Culture and Identity Emergence in the 60s and 70s


The Read (pop culture)

Episode: Adultish—codeswitching

The Nod (Podcast just ended but the episodes are informative!)

Twitter (you don’t need an account to view tweets, but to follow them, you do):

Brittany Packnett Cunningham

Antonia Hylton


Charles M. Blow

Chris Nellum

Jemele Hill

Rashad Robinson

Jamil Smith


The Root



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