It’s #Cap2Cap14 Time!

By Emilie Cameron, Chair of Metro EDGE
Sr. Public Relations Manager, 3fold Communications

Early this morning – at an hour when no one should have to be awake – I gathered my things and headed out to SMF to begin my journey to Washington DC. As a “freshman” in the Metro Chamber’s annual Capital-to-Capital program, I’m excited to learn how our region’s business and civic leaders advocate for our region first hand. I’d be lying if I didn’t also admit to being a little nervous … okay, very nervous!

Am I prepared enough? Am I ready to thoughtfully articulate the actions needed to make our region great? Will I make a good impression on my peers? What about my boss’s peers? Should I have tried to fit another outfit into my 53 lb. suitcase?

Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m a preparer. Okay, maybe even an over-planner. I’ve read every policy paper for my committee (Innovation) front and back, researched every Representative we’ll meet with, and of course, planned my wardrobe meticulously. But, am I ready?

I’d guess I’m not the only freshman on this trip – or young professional for that matter – that questions, “am I ready?” Today I ask this about Cap-to-Cap, but I have to remember I’ve asked myself the same question in the past and whether seeking a new job, promotion, client or local leadership position, every time the answer has been yes. Even if I had to jump before I knew that answer would be yes!

As I excitedly prepare for the next five days, I’ve had to remind myself of a saying Maria Shriver shared with me in a conversation for She Shares earlier this year, “Being uncomfortable is how you grow.” Being nervous means something’s right!

So, while I may not be a policy expert, I do know what’s important to grow, retain and attract talented young professionals. And, I can’t wait to tell our region’s top brass all about it over the next five days.


THANK YOU to Metro EDGE and Five Star Bank for supporting my participation in the 44th Annual Metro Chamber Capital-to-Capital program.