#Cap2Cap14 – An Advantage for Sacramento Region YPs

By: Verna Sulpizio, Metro EDGE Political Action Committee Chair
Project Manager, Civitas

2014 marks the 44th year of the Metro Chamber’s Annual Cap-to-Cap Policy Program.  Over 300 delegates from the Sacramento Region, including 62 young professionals (YP), have traveled to Washington D.C. to advance a set of priorities which are critical to our regional’s economic wellbeing and quality of life.

Cap-to-Cap is the largest advocacy program of its kind in the nation, and is available to you as a Metro EDGE and Metro Chamber member in the future.

Over the last several months this delegation has been meeting, discussing and structuring what priorities would be presented during the program.  Policy papers have been drafted and over 200 appointments have been set with federal congressional and administration representatives.  In these appointments our delegation of business, education, civic and elected leaders present the policy papers and advance our important set of issues before federal representatives.

As a YP in the Sacramento region, what are you priorities?  Is it increasing investment in research and innovation?  Are you concerned about our water supply and agribusiness?  Is clean energy your passion?  Flexible funding for homeless services?  All these issues, and more, are being presented on Capitol Hill this week.  By attending Cap-to-Cap and getting involved through Metro EDGE, your voice can be heard.  You can make an impact on our economy.  No other region can provide you with this incredible platform to forge a consensus with leaders and advance vital issues before federal representatives in Washington.  Simply put, no other community in American has a civic asset quite like it.

Our YP delegation has plans to gather and discuss our continued participation Cap-to-Cap upon our return.  Please email me if you’d like to be involved in the conversation and learn more about attending this incredible program: vsulpizio@civitasadvisors.com.

It has been an honor to serve as a YP Team Lead on the Cap-to-Cap Steering Committee and I look forward to sharing my story with you.  Cap-to-Cap is truly an amazing opportunity which I hope many of my fellow YP’s will be able to experience as well.


THANK YOU to Metro EDGE and Five Star Bank for supporting my participation in the 44th Annual Metro Chamber Capital-to-Capital Policy Program.