Own It On Cap-to-Cap

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YPs representing at the 2014 Cap-to Cap!

Want to fully embrace this year's Metro Edge theme of "Own It"? Go on Cap-to-Cap this April. More than a trip to Washington, DC, Cap-to-Cap is a 45-year-strong tradition of the Sacramento region coming together, identifying priorities, and speaking with one voice. Cap-to-Cap takes networking to a whole new level, by putting you and 300+ other passionate business and community leaders from our region 2,300 miles from the daily interruptions for four days.

So why should young professionals participate?

You want to make Sacramento a better place.

Cap-to-Cap is first about bringing Sacramento's message to Washington. Do you care about making Sacramento an attractive place for YPs? There's a team for that (Civic Amenities). Do you have a job in a field that is regulated by the federal government? Healthcare? Transportation? Food and Agriculture? (check, check, check). There are a dozen teams to choose from. Join a team, then go discuss your issues with the people who make and interpret the laws and regulations of our nation.

You're a leader now (or will be...this will help).

Every day you'll go to meetings all around Washington, but arguably some of the best meetings take place over meals, drinks, or the midnight monument tour. While Cap-to-Cap has been around for a while, there's a good new group of freshmen each year to represent our region's changing leaders. YPs are taking over important leadership posts in our region, among them new Chamber CEO Peter Tateishi, MetroEdge Chair and Drexel Associate Vice Provost Michael Marion, and Comstock's Editor-in-Chief Christine Calvin. Cap-to-Cap is where today's and tomorrow's leaders meet, hatch new ideas for the future of our region, and form long-lasting relationships.

If you're interested in Cap-to-Cap, it gets even better for MetroEDGE members: there are scholarships available. To find out more, visit www.metrochamber.org.

Own your region and your future on Cap-to-Cap, April 18-22.

Erik Johnson is co-chair of the Cap-to-Cap Transportation Team and Manager of Policy & Administration for the Sacramento Area Council of Governments.