Brandathon Part Deux

By Phil Tretheway, Creative Director, Position Interactive

Brandathon Part Deux, held on Monday Feb. 3 at Sleep Train Arena, was a great success. As a Sac Region Brandathon organizer and EDGEr, I was proud to see so many Sacramentans, young and old, stepping up to offer their skills and time to benefit our region.

Before we began, each participant drank the Kool-Aid (literally took a shot of it) and checked their ego at the door with a signature on the wall. At that point, I wasn't Phil Tretheway, Creative Director at Position Interactive. I was just Phil, fan of Sacramento, no company names, no titles, no ego.

The illustrators, writers, strategists and passionate citizens in attendance then broke into teams and picked a slogan to refine from the first iteration of the Brandathon, or chose to develop a new idea. The first Brandathon was held in November of 2013 in a jet hanger at Sacramento International Airport and slogans including as “No Offseason,” “Real Life Grows Here,” and “Do it Here,” were imagined.

Once groups made their choice Monday, visual applications and pitches for the ideas were developed. At the end of the hour each team presented their slogan and logo. All participants voted and moved teams into the next round. The chosen slogans included “Sacramento: in season,” “the good life grows here,” “Sacramento: here we grow” and “Sacramento: always in season.”

The organizers also have the option of adding up to two teams to move on to the judges round.

The chosen teams will move on to pitch in front of a panel of judges, who will then select three ideas to put to a public vote via social media.

I’m looking forward to seeing the next round of presentations and proud to have so many EDGErs involved in the process. If this is successful, it will be a great rallying cry for the region.

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