7. Drinking Outside the Box with Kevin Luther

Hosts Josh Albert and Sarah England sit down with Kevin Luther, winemaker and founder of Lucid Wines. Hear how Kevin is pushing the boundaries of wine making, while making delicious insanely bottles. Lucid Wines has quickly become one of the most welcoming, unique, diverse, and downright fun spots in downtown Sacramento. In this episode, you'll learn that some of the best things happen outside the box.

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Topics covered in this episode:

The Legend of Zelda

UC Davis - Viticulture

Sonoma State - Wine Business

Wine and Spirit Trust (WSET)

Blood Oak Winery, Sonoma

Lucid Wines

South Sacramento

Lovely Day, Bill Withers

Sac High

Oak Park, Sacramento

Lucid Wines at virtual tasting

20 mile march


The Cat Empire

Brother Ali