6. Happiness with Dr. Meliksah Demir

Host Josh Albert and guest host Jordan Brown have a happy and fascinating conversation with Dr. Meliksah Demir, a researcher and professor with almost two decades of research experience on happiness, and who is currently the Rekhi Singh Endowed Professor in Happiness at Sacramento State University. The three delve into the specifics of which habits and behaviors can drive happiness, the benefits of happiness for an individual, why happiness is a necessity, and more.

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Topics covered in this episode:

Happiest Foods Study

World Happiness Report

Finland and Denmark are the happiest countries in the world


Character Strengths and Virtues Explanation and Quiz

Happiness is contagious

Happy people (and even orangutans) live longer

Martin Seligman

The Disoriented by Amin Maalouf

Antalya, Turkey