5 Reasons for Employers to Send You to Issue Immersion Day 2016

Metro EDGE is proud to announce that our inaugural Issue Immersion Day 2016 will be held on Tuesday, November 15. This new program focuses on providing an opportunity for young professionals to learn about an issue affecting the region, discover what work is being done to improve upon the issue and provide opportunities for advocacy and philanthropic engagement. This year’s Issue Immersion Day focuses on homelessness in Sacramento.

EDGErs will be taking a look at causes of homelessness, past efforts and results to curb homelessness, and how young professionals can identify opportunities for future engagement and advocacy.

Are you an employer? Read below for reasons you should send your EDGErs to learn more about opportunities to engage the community. Are you a young professional? Perfect. Copy and paste this list to a letter to give to your employer to show them that you care about Sacramento (and want them to pick up the tab).

  • Education – What better way to educate your employees on vital issues that impact your business than with a day of first-hand learning opportunities? This year’s Issue Immersion Day will be paying special attention to the homelessness crisis affecting Sacramento and its many businesses. Don’t you want your employees to be able to provide insight when the issue confronts your own place of work?
  • Philanthropy – You get what you give. Sending your EDGEr to Issue Immersion Day opens your company to new charitable experiences.
  • Leadership – Issue Immersion Day will empower its attendees to take initiative on a super important issue that faces Sacramento every day. Your Metro EDGE employee will get the chance to hone in on their leadership skills by participating in talks and panels having to do with some of the region’s most important issues.
  • Investment – A knowledgeable employee is a good employee. By investing in your employee’s time and allowing them to spend the day with other young professionals, you’ll be getting your money’s worth via knowledge, understanding, and action items for your employee and company.
  • Inspiration – Does your company need a little ‘boost’? Nothing says morale quite like an inspiring story. Allowing your young professional to immerse themselves in a critical Sacramento issue will show your other employees that it’s important to do the same. How’s that for team bonding?